You’ll Never Guess What it Costs to Be a God Damn Bridesmaid

Sometime around your early to mid 20s, depending on what part of the country you live in and who your friends are, you will start being asked to serve as a bridesmaid.

It seems like fun. And the bachelorette party usually is. But what you might not realize is that the costs of being a bridesmaid can start to mount — fast.

A website we’d normally never be caught dead on, Weddington Way, published some stats about the true cost of standing next to your bestie at the altar. And those costs are high. We wish we could say we were surprised.

The average costs vary by region. Always practical, the Midwest is the cheapest at $1,178. I once heard that Midwestern weddings also rarely have open bars, in case you need another reason to turn down your Wisconsonite pal’s bridesmaid invitation.

The second cheapest region is the South, which clocks in at an average of $1,292 per wedding. This comes as sort of a surprise knowing that southern women have pretty diva-like reputations, but hey, guess they know how to cut costs when it counts.

In third place is the West Coast, where being a bridesmaid will cost you about $1,367. Fun in the sun will cost you.

And if you’re friends with a bougie ass Northeastern bride, you have it worst: you can expect to cough up about $1,466. Hey, rents are high in the greater NYC area, plus we’ve all got exquisite taste.

These costs are made up of all of the insane things that go into being in someone’s wedding party, including throwing them a bachelorette party and bridal shower, all the clothes they force you to buy to participate, your lodging on the night of the wedding, etc.

Consider the fact that plenty of girls end up having to be in multiple bridal parties every year, and you’ll wonder how anyone affords this ish. So brides, please keep this in mind when you’re debating whether or not you need to have a “destination bridal shower.” It might be your special day, but chances are about half of your bridal party is secretly freaking out at how broke you’re making them!

[H/T The Cut]

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