Rihanna Just Shaded All Her Exes Hard on Insta

It’s my deepest regret to inform you that there’s a strong likelihood that Drake and Rihanna have broken up.

Last week rumors started flying that the two were dunzo. And yesterday Travis Scott was allegedly seen paying a late night visit to Rihanna’s hotel room.

Plus over the weekend Rihanna did this thing where she posted a meme shading all of her exes for sucking, which isn’t normally something people in a happy, committed relationship do, especially when they’re dating a jealous dude who can’t let go of literally anything like Drake.

“None of my exes are married or in happy relationships so it’s say to say I wasn’t da problem lol,” Rihanna said on Sunday, reposting a popular meme and adding a trophy emoji as a caption.


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While we can’t say we’re not a little disappointed that Drake and Riri couldn’t make things work, we can’t say we’re all that surprised.

Unless they didn’t break up, in which case, we still stand by everything we said except for our bold declaration that Rihanna was single.

Sorry, Drake.

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