Rihanna Brought Out the “Psycho” in Her TV Debut

So, we told you back in January that Rihanna would be taking on the iconic Hitchcock character Marion Crane in the new season of Bates Motel.

And guess what, the anticipated moment has arrived!

During Monday’s night season five premiere of Bates Motel, all eyes were on Rihanna. She starts off her appearance set in Seattle with a hot hookup scene featuring her lover Sam Loomis, who is a recurring character on the show that is played by Austin Nichols. You may know him from a little show known as One Tree Hill.

Anyways, the hookup ends with Marion letting Sam know she wants more from him — a future and marriage. But what she doesn’t know is Mr. Sam is married already to Madeleine Loomis, which is where the first difference from the film appears. In Psycho, Sam is actually divorced.

Story continues below…

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Even though the show decided to alter the Psycho version of Marion for the show beyond the modern take on the character, they do still have some noticeable similarities. Marion is still working in a realty office, and the office is where she encounters the money she ends up stealing. The main difference from the film is that she steals $400,000 instead of $40,000.

If it wasn’t for her boss denying her a promotion and a raise due her nonexistent college degree, he could’ve probably still had that money in its rightful place. You see, she was to suppose to deposit the money before the weekend for him on behalf of a client.

Speaking of the client…

If his obnoxious self didn’t brag about how light the $400,000 felt in his briefcase, she probably wouldn’t had thought to take it. Men!

So, Marion fled to White Pine Bay to meet up with Sam unannounced. On her way there, she gets pulled over by a police officer, who is played by the executive producer of Bates Motel, Carlton Cuse. And guess what she gets pulled over for?

For having her license plate blocked by her jacket slightly. This had her shaking in her boots because she threw the case of money in her trunk where the jacket was. The officer offers to fix the jacket and lets her go without noticing the stolen goods. Phew!

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When Sam finally answer her calls, she surprisingly finds out she can’t see meet him where she wants because at the time he’s having dinner with a client aka his wife. Instead, he tells her she can’t come over because his renter doesn’t allow guests over. So, she tells him to meet him at the hotel, where she can anxiously tell him what she has done.

The episode ended with Marion arriving at Bates Motel.

Poor Marion, if she only knew that a crazy psycho killer was the owner. I can just picture viewers shouting, “girl, don’t go in there!” 

Curious to see Rihanna’s reaction to her debut? Well, watch below:

Check out a preview of next week’s episode, where Rihanna aka Marion is definitely having a Jasmine Sullivan “I bust the windows out your car” moment.

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