Rebel Beauty Starring Storm Reid!

Interviewed by: @Taylor Winter

Emmy Nominee, Storm Reid, covers our Rebel Beauty Issue! The Actress/producer and future filmmaker dishes to us about her latest roles, her beauty hacks, and what’s next for the rising star! Read our full interview below.

Photographed by Tyler Kenny @tylerpatrickkenny

Featured Interview:

On top of dominating your field as an actress, you’re also heading into your 3rd year of college at USC. What are you going to school for and how do you balance school, work, and social life? 

I am a junior at USC. I am fortunate to be able to pursue my work & passion at school. I am a Creative Arts student minoring in African-American studies.

This summer your 2000’s Atlanta-themed collab with New Balance dropped that featured a low-top shoe you designed. How did this collab come about and what made you choose the early 2000’s Atlanta theme? 

New Balance is a brand that I have loved my entire life. I have been working with them for a while and when they asked me to design a shoe, it was an honor & an immediate YES. I felt like it was an organic collaboration, I mean the team already feels like family. Anybody who knows me knows I ride hard for Atlanta. It’s my hometown. This collab & shoe is for young Storm who always had aspirations to work with a company like New Balance.

Look: Bronx and Banco

What can your supporters expect from Storm Reid as you enter a new decade of your life? Besides graduating college, and taking your career to new heights, what hopes do you have for yourself on a personal level?

I don’t know exactly but I hope to be able to be a part of a meaningful project. Step one is definitely graduating and crossing that stage.

What is your beauty philosophy?

We hear it all the time but beauty comes from the inside. So many people focus on the outside but I find you can tell when someone is shining from within. I try to put my best foot forward and let the beauty radiate on the outside.

What makes you a rebellious creator?

I consider myself a rebellious creator because I don’t care what the masses say. I definitely do not consider myself a people pleaser. I speak up for myself. I am cognisant that things do not always come to me because of the way I look, my gender & my skin color but I choose to focus on what is in my own ability and try not to compare my path to others.

Tank: EB Denim, Glasses: Stylist own, Jewelry: Storm’s personal jewelry.

You travel a lot for work – what is your go-to beauty travel routine?

My beauty routine tends to be pretty consistent. The only thing I change is my moisture – when I am in a warmer climate I use a lighter moisturizer and in colder climates, I use a more rich/heavy moisturizer.

What drugstore beauty item can you not live without?

Maybelline Lifter gloss

In this shoot, we went through some eras of ’90s to 2000s being a Genz 2000 baby what’s your favorite Y2K moment of all time?

I love Y2K as a whole. It is my favorite because I love how they had a great balance of crop tops or sports bras and baggy jeans—my staple.

Tank: EB Denim, Glasses: Stylist own, Jewelry: Storm’s personal jewelry. Jeans: The Frankie Shop, Shoes: Storm Reid x New Balance.
Tank: EB Denim, Glasses: Stylist own, Jewelry: Storm’s personal jewelry.

Who are your SHEROES?

For industry people Miss Ava (Ava DuVernay) & my sis Zendaya. I respect their careers especially who they are as people.

My day-to-day SHEROES are definitely my mom Robyn and my two sisters.

Tell us about ArashiBlu your clothing collection and what inspired you to create this.

I have always loved collaborating with other brands but I always wanted my own brand. ArashiBlu started to pursue my other form of passion, design & fashion. It was such an amazing experience working with Pacsun on the capstone collab ArashiBlu x Pacsun.

You’ve partnered with New Balance, PacSun, etc – who else would be a dream collab?

Hands down New Balance was my biggest dream come true but I am working on my next goal.

What advice would you give your 13-year-old self now?

Go with the flow. Life will only get more exciting and challenging, be patient and enjoy the moment.

What beauty hack has your mom or grandma shared with you that many people would find odd?

Maybe not odd but my mom always taught me the best way to take eye makeup off is to use Vaseline or Aquaphor.

At only 20 years old you’ve risen as one of the top up-and-coming actresses in Gen Z! Tell us about how you got your start in acting.

I started acting when I was 3. I was out on this earth to not just work but to inspire. I know this is hard to believe but when I was really young I turned to my mom one day and said “I want to be a superstar.” And now I am the luckiest girl who has had a mother help me pursue this career and passion of mine.

Full look: Bronx and Branco

What type of role would you like to take on in the future?

I am interested in a romantic comedy role.

In your Instagram bio, you have that you’re an actress, producer, and future filmmaker. What got you interested in being behind the camera and what type of content do you see yourself producing and creating? 

Yes, I am highly interested in filmmaking. While I was on set for “A Wrinkle in Time” it was amazing to see Miss Ava behind the camera directing. I had the opportunity to step behind the camera for a few scenes and watch her work. I plan on giving directing a chance. If it doesn’t work out that is fine but I am interested in trying.

Team Credits:

Talent: Storm Reid @stormreid

Editor-in-chief – Prince Chenoa @princechenoastudio

Photographer/ Creative Director/ Set Design: Tyler Patrick Kenny @Tylerpatrickkenny with @tunnelmediagroup

Styling: Jason Bolden @jasonbolden

Hair: Nikki Nelms @nikkinelms with

Makeup: Paul Blanch with @thewallgroup

Studio: @meechstudios

Videographer: MEECH @meech213

Interviewed by: @Taylor Winter

Special thanks to Amanda, Sarah and Chelsea @theledecompany

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