FYI, the Rando Who Gave Kendall a Rolls Royce For Her Bday Isn’t A Stranger

Remember how we told you last week that Kendall Jenner got so drunk on her 21st birthday that she forgot some random dude bought her a Rolls Royce?

At the time, Khloé told Jimmy Kimmel that the car was a gift from a total stranger, which I’d like to point out I was skeptical about, and as luck would have it, my feelings were justified because the guy who gave Kendall the car wasn’t a stranger at all.

As you can tell in this Instagram video, Kendall clearly knows him.

“I was wondering why you were here,” Kendall can be heard saying as she goes in to hug the not-so-mysterious stranger named Saygin Yalcin.

Had a blast! @kendalljenner #happybirthday

A video posted by Saygin Yalcin (@sayginyalcin) on

“Kris played an integral role in orchestrating the gift of the Rolls-Royce from her close family friend, Saygin, to Kendall,” a source told Us Weekly. “She was so excited and happy to be able to make it happen and loved that she was the one who could present Kendall with the keys.”

Saygin is the founder and CEO of, the Middle East’s first and largest private shopping club, and while it’s theoretically conceivable that Kris kept Saygin a secret from Khloe as a punishment for being her least favorite child, but I highly doubt it.

Oh well.

Made for a great story, doesn’t it?

[H/T Us Weekly]

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