Rainsford is a singer, dancer, and designer, and she still has time for activism and a bit of witchcraft

New York-born and LA-based singer and dancer, Rainsford, may come from a notable Hollywood family, but that’s not what makes her interesting. 

Our newest Ones to Watch Covergirl, Rainsford, is someone to look out for because of her hard work and her artistry – something that is actually hard to come by in the industry. She has been working on her newest EP, “Emotional Support Animal,” for 2 years – singing, songwriting, and even creating merch around the release. She also just got off of a hugely successful tour!

We sat down with the artist to talk about her name, her hit single, “Intentions,” her favorite witch, and more. Check out the exclusive interview and photoshoot below!

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Where did the name Rainsford come from?

Rainsford is my full first name. It was my great grandmothers name, so it came from my family.

What was the inspiration for your hit single, “Intentions?” What was it written about, and what did you want your fans to feel listening to it?

I wrote “Intentions” when I was starting a new relationship and feeling insecure. I was hoping they liked me as much as I liked them.

I would never want to tell someone how to feel when listening to my music. But, of course, I hope people enjoy it. And I think we can all relate to the internal storm of excitement and self doubt that happens when you’re seeing someone new.

You love animals, and you actually rescue kittens through your local shelter. Where did this passion stem from?

When I was really young I lived on a ranch in Montana. So I started tending to animals from a very young age. Taking care of little chicks, collecting eggs, riding horses, and sneaking the cats in my bedroom window at night – my dad didn’t like them being in the house. So I’ve always felt deeply connected to animals.

There is such a need to help at shelters. Especially in LA, they are so overrun and under-funded. These poor animals are locked in cages, living very unhappy lives because of human neglect and irresponsibility. So whenever my schedule allows it, it makes me feel so good to give some love to kitties and pups. And it’s kitten season right now, so there is even more attention needed!

Dress: Helo Rocha, Socks: Stylist’s own

Top: Topshop, Jacket: Alice & Olivia, Pants: Vintage, Shoes: Saint Laurent

How can our readers get involved with their local shelters, even in a small way?

It’s really easy. You can just Google where your local shelter is and call them. I took a quick course that allowed me to foster. But, you can also volunteer to walk dogs or help at adoption drives. There are a lot of ways to help.

You are a vegetarian, and it’s super important to you. What inspired you to become vegetarian, and how do you think you’re impacting the environment because of it?

I’ve been vegetarian now for 12 years now. For me, it was a really easy decision. I love animals so much. I think their lives are just as valuable as mine or yours. The meat industry is incredibly cruel. Plus, the environmental impact is profound.

How can someone reading this take steps towards becoming vegetarian?

I would check out the PETA website. They have lots of articles about the meat industry and making the transition. I think it’s important to recognize that meat comes from a living, breathing, thinking, and feeling being. If you wouldn’t be able to kill and eat an animal for yourself, maybe you should consider a plant based diet.

You have been dancing for a while now. What is your favorite genre of dance and why?

I started ballet when I was 2, and I danced really intensely throughout high school. Now I just dance because I love it and it makes me feel so good. You mostly do contemporary and weirdo-jazz, express yourself stuff.

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Dress: Alice McCall, Earrings: Stylist’s own, Rings: Luv AJ

Sweatshirt: Vintage Giorgio Armani, Shorts: True Religion

You are currently designing your own merch – how has that process been, and what can we expect from the line?

It’s been so fun! I love clothes and I love creating. I’ve been making so many collages and picking my favorite ones to put on shirts and hoodies. There are pretty limited items to begin with, but I am so excited to design more and more stuff!

You are into spellmaking and a little bit of witchcraft. Did you ever think that you were going to go to Hogwart’s when you were a child?

Oh my god, I would have loved to. I love anything magical, and I totally believe in manifesting the life you want to live. For me, being connected to the earth and taking the time to recognize how I’m feeling is really important.

And, doing spells and ceremonies especially with other women is really powerful. It’s a form of self love. I love recognizing my desires and releasing what no longer serves me.

Favorite IRL witch: Lana Del Rey, Azealia Banks, or Stevie Nicks?

I love Lana. Such a queen.

Favorite TV witch: Hermione from Harry Potter or Marnie from Halloweentown?

Hermione 100%.

Do you own any animals, and if so, what are their names?

I have two cats, Myrtle and Wizard, and a dog named Books (originally named Happy Birthday but my ex hated that name when we adopted him and made me change it and I still resent that because I love the name Happy Birthday, but now it’s too late to change it back).

What’s your beauty routine?

I’m sometimes really lazy about beauty stuff and then sometimes I’m really into it. I always wash my face using an organic moisturizer. I also love using face masks. I started watching these 5 minute YouTube tutorials for face massage, so I’ve been doing those sometimes, too.

Favorite skincare product that you absolutely cannot live without?

In general i don’t wear a lot of makeup. My go to’s are Glossier’s Boy Brow and Vincent Lingo Lip Tint. I use them every day. I also love Dr. Hauschka products.

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Lip balm or lip gloss?

Balm. Gloss is too sticky.

Skater boy or boy in a band?

Band boy. But not boy band boy.

Top: Vintage D&G, Shorts: Vintage, Socks: Stylist’s own

Dress: Reformation, Shoes: Calvin Klein, Boa: Stylist’s Own, Earrings: Luv AJ

What can we expect music wise, or other, from you?

I just released my first EP “Emotional Support Animal” a few weeks ago. Check it out! I’m going on my first ever tour next month, too!

What is your EP about and what was the inspiration behind it?

I’ve been working towards releasing this EP for about two years now. It’s very personal and relationship-based. I’m a highly sensitive and emotional person, so this EP is an expression of my experiences.

I love how it turned out. I wrote everything with my best friend Nick Dungo (who’s own artist project is called JaJa Bu and it’s so good). I’m thrilled for people to hear my music and hopefully enjoy what I’ve been creating.

Photographer: Danielle DeFoe

Stylist: Brittny Moore

Hair: Johnny Stuntz at Crosby Carter Management

Makeup: Lilly Keys at Exclusive Artists Management using MAC Pro Cosmetics

Set Design and props: Ali Gallagher at Jones Management

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