GoGo Morrow is the fresh spin to nostalgic R&B that we’ve been waiting for

Up and coming R&B artist GoGo Morrow is the sultry vibe 2018 never knew we needed.

With a lot of new fresh and unique talent bursting from Philadelphia, GoGo Morrow sets herself apart from the rest. The R&B artist’s voice has lead her to opportunities that have put her in the likes of people such as Bobby Brown and touring with Lady Gaga.

Inspired by 90’s vocalist, GoGo’s music has that nostalgic feel you’ve been waiting for. Check out the interview and photoshoot with the artist below. We talk with the Philly native about her upbringing and the influences that cultivated who she is today.

What was it like moving from Philly to Los Angeles to pursue music?

It was a complete culture shock for me when I first got to LA. Its a different energy. Life just isn’t as urgent. I had a hard time adjusting as an east coast girl at first, because I’m used to being on the go. Everyone here was like, “Oh, let’s meet for lunch or drinks first before we get in the studio.”

In my mind, I’m like “What?! No, that’s a waste of time!” But I eventually gave in because I had no choice. Now, I actually like it. It’s easier to create great work that way. Once I learned that, life here became much easier for me.

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How did you get into music and where to you get your inspo from?

My dad and uncle are both artists. They had a singing group back in the day called “The Golden Chandeliers.” I grew up listening to them sing at every family function and summer block party. I found inspo in all the oldies my dad played around the house.

My older sisters played 90’s throwback artists while babysitting me (Brandy, Destiny’s Child, SWV, Mariah Carey). I think my early years shaped my voice, however, I’m always finding music and style inspirations with current artists.

What challenges do you face in the music industry? Where do I begin?

I believe the Internet has both helped and hindered the music industry. It gave us a platform to put out our own ideas and projects without needing a machine or a helping hand. It is beautiful, but the side effect of that is the increase in people who are just doing it because they can.

As a female artist making your way through a male-dominated industry with a sea of people trying to do what you’re doing for all different reasons, adding another layer to that is a challenge. Although I love it, and I believe I have something to offer the world. The fight is worth it for me.

What are you currently working on now?

I just filmed my music video for my debut single, so were getting ready to roll that out and I’m really excited! In addition, I’m working on my full length project.

Who are you currently listening to?

I listen to a lot of different types of music. At the moment, Maroon 5, Playboi Carti, and Post Malone have been in heavy rotation for a few weeks now. All of them have pretty dope albums.

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You have such a unique style. How important is fashion to you?

Thank you! Fashion is just as important as music is to me. I believe fashion and music are synonymous. They are both creative forms of expression and each of them help boost the effectiveness of one another. Imagine a fashion show without music, or a music video without a wardrobe that fits the theme of the song. Both music and fashion can convey a message and together they make the perfect story. What do you want your fans to take away from your music?

My music has become a lot more honest than it used to be. I realized after years of writing music that I was only following trends. I wasn’t connecting because I wasn’t being honest, but after failing so many times, it forced me into the most vulnerable place I’ve ever been in. My walls came crashing down and now I’m telling my own stories for the people who can relate and have been looking for someone to connect to.

Photography by Crystina Bond

Styling by Shexshe

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