This Purifying Mask Is Basically Snapchat’s Pretty Filter IRL

Sometimes when I get into the Galore office before anyone else and the sun is hitting my face and our insane wall collage just right, I can’t help but take a selfie.

The pics don’t always make it to Snapchat or Instagram. But when I do snap them, you know I’m adding the “pretty filter.”

Also known as the “hot filter,” this magically blurring-and-slimming Snapchat filter is what pops up on your photo when you swipe once to the left within the Snapchat app. It instantly makes you look pore-less and bright.

Everyone can tell when you’re using the pretty filter, but that’s not the point. The point is that it’s almost as effective as a Kardashian photo booth when it comes to making you look gorgeous.

Well, what if I told you that this morning when I took my morning selfie, I didn’t even need the pretty filter? And what if I told you it was all because of a product you can actually buy in a store? Yes, this really happened and I am sharing the deets with you now if you can just be patient.

The product in question is Caudalie’s Purifying Mask. Their PR tells me that it’s Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s “new mask obsession” according to her Snapchat, which like… what more do you even need to know? RHW is the goddess to end all goddesses. I will do literally anything she says. I’m probably going to buy Uggs for the first time in 10 years this winter because of her, for christ’s sake.

Rosie’s skin is perfection. And since I am an avid follower of her snaps, I can confirm she never uses the pretty filter. Well, unless she is engaging in some flower crown hijinks, in which case, as we all know, it can’t be avoided. Anyway, aside from her enviable genes and whatever secret rich-person treatments she’s getting behind closed doors, this face mask has a lot to do with why she doesn’t need or rely on the pretty filter.

The mask’s secret is clay, which is basically the new charcoal as far as beauty is concerned. It sounds anything but glam, but its pore-shrinking, skin-cleansing abilities are second to none.

“This Purifying Mask is highly concentrated in plant ingredients and grape-seed oil for exceptional effectiveness,” Sephora says of the mask on its product page. “The face mask is made of two types of clay that work to soak up impurities, diminish the appearance of pores, and remove dead skin cells.”

Anyway, I had a rough weekend of partying that left me feeling and looking like a wet sponge this morning — a wet sponge full of 80% Corona Light, 15% tequila, 5% wine and 0% water, with a side of carbs.

So I thought maybe, just maybe, Rosie’s magical mask could bring some life back to my face so I didn’t show up to work looking like this:

I gave it a shot, leaving it on for five minutes after I washed my face this morning. I did the rest of my beauty routine as usual. Then when I got to work, I settled in for a secret selfie sesh before anyone else got to the office. To my shock and awe, my skin was looking as Rosie-esque and radiant as is possible for a computer-chair-bound 5’2″ office-working non-model.

Translation: I was down to post a selfie without the pretty filter for probably the first time all summer.

So the point is if you want flawless skin, 1. try this mask (and probably more Caudalie products because who knew? they’re apparently fab) and 2. follow Rosie Huntington-Whiteley on Snapchat and do literally everything she says. Now get to it!

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