Puerto Rican Artist Brytiago Loves Independent Women in Yoga Pants

On Valentine’s Day of this year, Puerto Rican artist Brytiago collaborated with Anuel AA to release a new song entitled “Controla.”

The lyrics tell the story of an independent woman who don’t need no man that tries to control her. The beat is danceable af. While Brytiago says he doesn’t have firsthand experience with a relationship like this, his inspiration came from his belief that all women should feel free in their relationships.

With this in mind, it’s no wonder that we’re seriously crushing on Brytiago over here at Galore. We talked to the Latin artist on the rise all about relationships, his recent run-ins with the fashion world, and why women in yoga pants are his weakness.

Is your middle name actually “Cancel?” Or is that just a rumor? 

My middle name is Rafael, Cancel is one of my last names. 

Do you have any nicknames? Can you tell us the story behind it? 

My nickname is Bry. It’s easy and short, it was given to me one day at the studio while I was recording.

How does your Puerto Rican heritage influence your musical style? 

Puerto Rico ha logrado llegar a todo el mundo sin importar nuestro idioma o nuestra cultura. Para mi es honor decir que en Puerto Rico han nacido iconos musicales. Nunca voy a dejar de poner mis raíces en mi música y esto es porque muchos de mis colegas lucharon mucho para dejarse escuchar y nunca dejaron caer nuestra cultura. Así que es una manera muy valiosa para mi seguir cultivando lo que soy en mis canciones.

We love the ice blue fur coat you posted on Instagram the other day, what are some of your favorite brands lately? 

Thank you, the blue fur coat is one of a kind. My favorite brands at the moment are Artistix, BooHooMan, Cult of Individuality, Steple Pigeon, Puma, Off-White, CK, Rhude, Joy Rich, Cleo Nicci, Louis Vuitton and Faithconexion. 

What’s something a woman can wear that always seems to get your attention? 

Work-out leggings.

You also walked during NYFW for Artistix. What was that like?

It was an amazing experience and moment in my life to be the first Latino male reggaeton artist to walk such a prestigious runway like NYFW. I’ve always loved and enjoy everything about fashion. Thank you to my stylist Luna and designer Andy Hilfiger for believing in me for this opportunity. I know there’s more to come.

One of your latest singles, “Controla” is about a woman who doesn’t want to be controlled by her partner. Do you have any experience with this?

Relamente no he tenido experiencia en una relación de control. Mi inspiración fue basada en que toda mujer debe sentirse libre, amada y respetada. La mujer debe ser tratada sin control, dejarlas florecer y vivir con total seguridad.

I feel like a lot of guys naturally sort of want to be in control of their female partners. Are there any things you’ve had to teach yourself so that you don’t act too controlling in your relationships? 

He aprendido que toda persona debe ser respetada, a no jugar con los sentimientos de nadie pues no quisiera que jueguen con los míos, tener sentido de responsabilidad social y ser el mejor hombre como pareja o familia que yo pueda ser. La mujer debe ser amada no controlada y mucho menos maltratada.

Daddy Yankee has sort of been your mentor, right? What’s some advice he gave to you that you think would benefit everyone?

Siempre me ha dicho que debo ser respetuoso con todos en esta industria, a tener consistencia en mi música y compromiso con el pueblo que me hizo crecer. La humildad debe estar presente no olvidarme de quien me ha dado la mano y ser leal ante todo.

What’s next for Brytiago?  

Orgánico, my first album, and many more surprises in the fashion world.






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