Why you should probs never put your heat tools on the highest setting

We all know straightening or curling our hair with heat tools isn’t that great for it.

But some heat-styling-related facts recently arrived in my inbox from HAI Beauty Concepts and they shook me to my frizzed-out core.

See, I have always kept my straightener turnt all the way up. It just works better that way! And that was more or less okay when I had virgin strands. But now that I’ve been blondifying my hair for about a year, it turns out I really should’ve been more careful.

Apparently, color-treated (i.e. bleached or dyed) hair should never meet a heat tool that’s higher than 380 degrees Fahrenheit. Here is the terrifying graphic HAI sent me, which inspired me to immediately do a conditioning mask:

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I needed more deets, so I asked Tony Beckerman, a beauty product developer, hairdresser and educator for the beauty profession for over 50 years, some Qs.

Why is it important to follow these heat guidelines?

Everyone’s hair is uniquely different, just like your fingerprints.

The chart is a guideline to help you decide what is the best heat suggestion for your hair type, but remember, everyone’s hair will vary head by head. If you’re uncertain, consult with a professional or start at a low temperature and build the heat until you find the best temperature for you.

What could happen if I ~*hypothetically*~ put my straightener at 450 on bleached hair?

Bleached hair has already been through some major chemical stress and therefore it does not have the same strength and integrity as virgin hair. If a straightening iron is on at its maximum of 450 and then put onto heavily bleached hair, it is very likely that the hair fiber will just melt or break off, or at best… it will extremely damage the hair. Start with a low temperature, if you don’t get the result you’re looking for, increase the heat by small increments at a time and test.

OMG. Is there a straightener I can use that’ll actually work at lower temps? My cheapo one isn’t cutting it.

There aren’t certain flat irons that are more effective in performance at lower temperatures, but instead are less damaging to the hair if it’s weak or highly processed. The HAI Beauty Concepts Gold Convertable has the flexibility of a wide range of heat settings from 250-450 Fahrenheit, so this puts both the professional and the consumer in total control of their hair.

Okay, he had me at “melt or break off.” I am never putting my straightener on 450 again. Go forth with this knowledge and protect your hair!

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