[PREMIERE]: Lowell’s Latest EP and New Single, ‘West Coast Forever’

We’ve all had those moments in our lives when we’ve dreamt of something better – and now, those thoughts have been given a dreamy-pop soundtrack by the music industry’s newest art-punk brat and sex-positive icon, Lowell.

Her newest EP, Entitled Part 1: PARIS YK, releases today and is a three-song collection which looks back on a formative period of her life, inspired by the grey-scale landscape of Canada’s Yukon, the far-northern territory where she spent time growing up.

With lyrics such as “West Coast Forever, Cause I don’t wanna stay here dreamin for better,” Lowell’s track “West Coast Forever” makes for a relatable set of lyrics set to a chill melody, making for dreamy-vibed end-of-summer tune.

Check out our Q&A with Lowell, and download her newest EP today!

What are some of your influences? If you were to describe your sound, like Cyndi Lauper meets Guitar metal, what would it be? If you were to tell someone about your music that hasn’t heard it – how would you want it described?
It’s Cyndi Lauper meets guitar metal! My biggest influences are Feist, Karen O, Jamie XX most of all Major Lazer.

Do you believe that every song is about something? Or do you think songwriters just write what sounds cool?

I’m not sure. I used to write without purpose, in fact some of my best songs are pretty much gibberish. I like to have a theme though. Drawing from experience and concepts inspires me.

Tell us about the new EP, “Part 1: Paris YK.” What does the name mean? 

While I was working on new music, I started to envision the album as a series of thematically linked EPs. I took this from a small ghost town in the Yukon, near where my father lives. During the Gold Rush, the Yukon was thought to be a land of promise and opportunity, but now the town no longer exists. There’s a through-line in these songs about aspirations, dreams and disappointment, and I thought the title captured that well.

What is your favorite track on the EP and why? 

That’s kind of like picking a favourite child, isn’t it? I’m proud of all of the songs, for different reasons. I think “High Enough” has a great, trippy vibe to it and I love the production. “Blow The Bass” came very together very quickly, and there’s an urgency and in-the-moment presence that’s evident. “West Coast Forever”, on the other hand, took a little longer. That song changed outfits a few times before it was ready to go out for the night.

What was your inspiration behind writing “Blow The Bass”? 

Blow the bass is a chilled out track about kicking back. Inspiration was probably weed, love, and a fake sick day I had a while back.

If “High Enough” were on a movie soundtrack, set to a specific scene maybe, what would it be and why? What is it about? Is it an anthem or a party song?

High Enough is a vulnerable and trippy track… Maybe it would be in a drug scene where someone has taken too much?

Do you think it’s easier to be an artist in the day and age of digital music and Spotify? Do you think it’s harder to connect with people in terms of getting the music out there?

Yaaaaaaa I don’t know… Controversial question! There are pros and cons of both the old days and the new days in music. I can say politically it allows for a more democratic option for listeners in that we don’t have to rely on white old men to decide what we are fed to listen to. I like that.

If you could play an acoustic show like MTV unplugged, what songs would you cover?

Funny you should ask, as I’ve been trying a few cover songs mostly as an exercise in adapting different sounds and production styles. It’s a new venture for me, cover songs, since I have always been into writing my own songs. That said, I’ve been working on an MGMT cover that I quite like. I’d love to cover a Kanye track sometime too but it’s just sounds weird when I say the word booty.

Do you feel there is pressure for female musicians to wear less and portray a very sexy image?

Yes! Women are always being told what to do! Too sexy not sexy enough. Shut it people.

Does fashion play any part in your musical artistry? 

Visuals are a huge part of my music. There is a superficial side of fashion that I don’t love, but when I think of fashion I think of my videos and the colours / shapes / relevance my clothing can add to the vibe. As long as it’s not all about money, fashion is key.
What’s next for you? Is there an upcoming tour? 

I’m finishing up work on my new album and will be hitting the road in November for some shows. I can’t spill the beans on that tour quite yet, but I’ll announce those dates very soon. I’m excited to play the new songs live and see how they’ll evolve.

Where can we find out more about you? Social media links?

I’m on all the usual spots: @lowellcat on Twitter and Instagram and at Facebook.com/lowellsongs. I probably favor Instagram. Even better, come out to one of my shows.

Photo credit: Meghan McCabe

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