[Premiere] Grab a Towel Cuz 4 AM’s New Song “After Party” Is Hella Steamy

There’s something hot about masquerade balls.

4 AM agrees, which is why his new song Marley Waters produced song “After Party,” a reboot of a song released in 2015 called “After Party,” was inspired by the masquerade balls in his favorite party scenes from 90s movies “Romeo and Juliet” and “Eyes Wide Shut.”

“There’s a liberating feeling that comes with being behind a mask. It gives people the confidence to say and do things that they might not normally do,”4 AM explained to me.

When I asked him whether or not he’d ever been to one, he responded, “Yeah, I have. That was a wild night.”

And it inspired a wildly sensual song about what happens when two people who really like each other decide to have their own one-on-one after party.

We talked to 4 AM, Marley and Christina Milian, who’s got a steamy guest verse on the song — so grab a towel, cuz it’s about to get steamy up in hur.

After parties have a tradition for being even more buck wild than the actual party, but this after party is a significantly more private affair — what was the inspiration for the song?

4 AM: This song was inspired by real life. To me the after party is all about vibes. It’s lit but at the same time it’s in an environment that gives you the opportunity secure that 1 on 1 or that 2 on 1; and take it to that next level.

Marley Waters: The inspiration for the song was definitely sparked from the authentic experience of us mobbing out to the most exclusive Hollywood hideouts, and leaving with the most luxurious, collection of ladies; Inviting them to a one in a kind experience that allows for women to feel comfortable, sensual, and free until the sun comes up. We made this song after we left the club, while waiting for the ladies to pull up to the gate.

Do you consider “After Party” more of a sexual or a sensual song?

4 AM: Both. It’s a sexual song, with a sensual approach.

Marley: Song is definitely a sensual record. It becomes sexual as the after party professes however. We gon’ take it slow to start.  Hence the smooth, sultry sounds in my production.

I obviously know what an after party is, but at the end of your verse, Christina you sing, “boy I just want to feel your body all up in my after party” — is that a euphemism for anything?

Christina Milian: That’s after the after party if that person has real potential. But once a party is lit.. if there’s an after party then it’s an extension of Any and all fun”

At the end of the night have you ever considered using, “wanna go back to my after party” as a line?

4AM: Yeah, last night. I don’t think I said it exactly like that though lol

Is there gonna be a video? If so, can you tell us anything about it?

4 AM: There’s definitely going to be a video coming soon. I don’t want to give away too much, but the one thing I can say the creative direction will take a sensual approach to a masquerade ball. It is going to be sexy!

What’s the best after party you’ve ever been too?

4 AM: The first rule about the after party is you don’t talk about the after party.

Listen to Marley Waters Production presents “After Party” by 4 A.M. Ft Christina Milian below.

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