[Premiere] 12AM Gives Us an Anthem for Crazy Relationships

Chances are you’ve felt the elation and happiness of being in a relationship, and also the horrible effects of being broken up with. You may or may not also be familiar with those addiction-like relationships that keep you coming back for more, even after shit has gone wrong…

Toronto-based singer 12AM knows these situations are enough to make you crazy, which is why he wrote the tune, “The Comedown,” a vibe-y dance tune that pretty much explains “the feeling of ‘coming down’ from a high [which goes] hand-in-hand with some of the relationships I’ve had,” he says.

His recently released, “I’m No Good 4 U” has bass Lines reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s sexy and highly seductive hit “Dirty Diana,” which carries similar themes to experiencing those toxic relationships, and “Getting addicted to that feeling in the moment while knowing it’s gonna make you feel empty the next morning,” 12AM says.

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“The Comedown,” is a bit more R&B influenced — with its vibe-y reggaeton beat and vocal smoothness, similar to something you’d hear from The Weeknd. “This song was written at a time in my life where I was doing drugs and battling my self-worth…  it’s gonna be a great year for me, really wanna focus on becoming the best person I can be. Making better life choices and surrounding myself with a lot of positive people.”

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