How Texas Singer Johnny Stimson Caught Elton John’s Attention

In today’s musical landscape of emotion-less AutoTune, it’s rare to find a guy who’s not afraid to get all up in his feelings and let out a casual cry once in a while.

Johnny Stimson is a 27-year-old singer originally from Dallas; and he’s probably way more in touch with his emotions than any guy you’ve ever dated. He’s also super cute, hard-working, and won’t judge you for being a Belieber, because he’s one too.

We talked to Johnny about why he loves NYC girls, how he got Elton John’s attention, and how to get a guy to write a song about you.

Your song, “Bright Side,” talks about looking on the bright side even when everything looks like shit, do you think this song applies to some of the current issues in our country?

I wrote “Bright Side” for a very specific time in my own life when I was reminding myself to keep my head up. I really think it applies in tiny individual situations all the way to big picture world stuff though. I honestly believe it is a great thing to always try to look for the good in any situation. Our country is crazy sometimes, but I am so thankful to live here and to live on a planet as beautiful as ours. I mean we’re all just kind of floating around on this rock in space and that is pretty charming no matter what you’re feeling.

Do you believe that happiness is a state of mind?

You win or lose by the way you choose, baby.

On Instagram you detail your story of spending all your money to get to a UK show that ended up being a bust, but then hearing from Elton John the next day because a friend of his was in the crowd; what did you take away from this experience?

Well it was one of the craziest things I’ve ever experienced, so I took away a great life memory. I remember hanging with Elton in the studio a while after that and thinking, “I will tell my grandkids about this.” Ultimately it was just a really good reminder to keep trying. Just keep going. Affirmation from somebody like the Rocket Man himself gave me confidence to keep pushing even through tough times.

Why is it important to have a mentor in the music industry?

Because the music industry is CRAZY and it’s really helpful to get straightforward advice from someone who isn’t trying to benefit from your success.

We saw that you attended a Justin Bieber concert, do you consider yourself a belieber? Do you think he is mis-construed by the media?

I belieb so hard. I just think on a musical level the guy is incredible. I love the songs. I love the way he performs. I think the media got on him for a while, and I don’t know him so I don’t know the whole story, but he honestly just seems like a cool dude with great music.

Your song “Here We Go Again” talks about falling for someone very quickly, do you find this to be a good or a bad thing?

Pretty much nailed that one. I think it’s a great thing. I’ve always been quick to fall and I like that. It’s gotten me into some crazy situations, but I’d much rather love people than not.

Our generation seems to be extra frightened of feelings, do you think we need to learn to accept these feelings more?

I try to cry at least once an hour, so yeah. I love feelings.

What’s a personality trait that will make you fall for a girl instantly? I go crazy for a girl who can make me laugh with a clever witticism. Or at least someone who thinks my dad jokes are funny. Humor. The lighter side of things.

You’re in NYC a lot, but you’re originally from Texas. As an outsider to the city, what are your favorite things about it?

Proximity to a sandwich 24/7 is my absolute favorite thing about New York. I like sandwiches at 3am sometimes. Sometimes I want them at lunch. Sometimes breakfast. Sometimes I just don’t want to walk more than 10 meters for a sandwich. I just like food between pieces of bread and I WANT IT NOW.

How are NYC girls different from Texan chicks?

Hmm I would say NYC girls are very straightforward and independent. They really know what they want and go for it. I respect that. Texan chicks really just want to live on farms and lay eggs I think. They are super cute when they’re little at Easter though.

What makes a girl worthy of getting a song written about her?

I don’t think anything makes a girl worthy or not. I just know I’ve been a blessed guy to know some pretty amazing women over my life. I like to celebrate parts of each of them for how they helped shape me into who I am. I like to just write it out and get it out there. Lately though, the focus has narrowed to this one really special one… She is the proverbial “Every Song” to me.

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