The 6 Worst Pick-Up Lines Aussie Model Georgia Gibbs Got in NYC

Australian bombshell Georgia Gibbs stopped by our New York office for a quick shoot, and she was seriously hilarious.

This was her first time in New York City so obviously we, as seasoned and slightly jaded New Yorkers, had some questions about her first impressions of New York.

“New York people are so upfront, random guys will just chase you down the street,” she said. “They hear the accent, and they assume I’m innocent and ride a kangaroo to work, or that I need a tour guide. None of which is true. I don’t fall in love with the men, but I fall in love with the city but it definitely keeps me entertained.”

Georgia also was fascinated by the NYC wildlife.

“I chased down a squirrel in Central Park because I had never seen one,” she said.

What’s the equivalent of a squirrel in Australia, you ask? A possum, according to Georgia. Another fun fact we learned from this convo: koalas smell really bad.

Then we asked her if anything crazy has happened to her since getting here.

“Well, I’ve only been here for 48 hours and guys have used so many pickup lines on me,” she told us. “I can tell you about some of ones they have tried out on me.” So, here are some of Georgia’s favorites:


“Do your legs have insurance, if not can I insure you?”


“Do you have a tour guide and if not can I be one?”


“Hey Miss, I got stopped by your beauty, can I take you for a drink?”


This was from a guy who was 50, and he told me, “You just took the hot scale in New York from a 7 to an 11 so thank you for that!”


The guy that was sitting at a table with the guy from pick up line #4: “If I were like 20 years younger, we would be getting married.”


A gay guy approached me and asked, “Are you Australian” and I was like umm yes? Then he said, “I can tell, every Australian turns me straight!”


Dress by Omighty | Shoes by Public Desire

Outfit by Omighty | Shoes by Missguided

Photos by Amber Asaly

Clothes by Omighty Omweekend

Shoes by Missguided/Public Desire

Shot at Contra Studios

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