Pam Anderson Is Just as Over Massive Breast Implants As the Rest of Us

During the 90s and early 2000s, any blonde socialite who was anyone had a massive pair of breast implants. It was just what you did.

And it was heavily influenced by Pamela Anderson’s famously large rack. But in a new interview with W, Pam says she’s just not that into the body part that put her on the map.

In the interview, Pam drops plenty of pearls of wisdom about aging and beauty. Then, interviewer Sandra Ballentine asks her if she has any beauty regrets, and this happens:

“Anderson rolled her eyes down towards her chest. ‘Not that we need to point it out,’ she said, laughing. Her longtime makeup artist, Alexis Vogel, piped up from the front seat: ‘Let’s just say that at some point, we all realize that less is more!'”

Makeup artists are always so wise!

Pamela’s remark about her bust size is interesting, because some would argue that her surgically enhanced look made her the iconic sex symbol of the 90s. A cynical person might even say Pam wouldn’t be where she is without her boob job.

But the truth is Pam had enough charisma and beauty to make her mark with or without surgical enhancement. Her blonde hair, skinny eyebrows, barbed wire tattoo, and perma-tan are just as much a part of the 90s lewk as anything else. Live and let live, and let Pam (and the rest of us) do whatever she wants with her chest!

We’d love to hear her thoughts, though, on how everyone on Instagram’s over-plumped lips will look 10 years down the line…


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