Oprah’s Florist Says You Shouldn’t Buy Red Roses for V-Day

When you think Valentine’s Day flowers, you probably think red roses.

But Oprah’s florist says it’s time for you to stop being so basic and get your man to think outside the box, seriously.

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Roberto González, the florist behind Oprah’s favorite flowers, says that you (and your boo) should actually avoid red roses on Valentine’s Day.

“Red roses are one of the most well-known symbols of Valentine’s Day, and yet the holiday is probably the worst time of year to buy the flowers, given how much their price spikes in mid-February,” he told Galore. “The price of roses can spike anywhere from 30 to 50 percent around the country as Americans spend more than $2.1 billion on the flowers.”

Dang. That’s a lot of flowers.

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Red roses are pretty and smell lovely, there’s no doubt about it. But wouldn’t you rather have your boo save money on the flowers that’ll probably die in a few days and instead spend it on something that’ll last longer, like say, shoes?

Moreover, a guy buying you red roses is like a guy buying you a Tiffany’s bracelet. It’s classic, but also super basic, and it shows that he probably doesn’t know that much about what you’re really into. Instead, challenge your boo to buy you a flower that you love in a color that you love. Some of Roberto’s favorites for V-Day are hydrangeas, orchids, gardenias, calla lilies, and hyacinth.

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Granted, red roses (or any flowers, really) are better than getting no flowers from your boo. But then again, red roses are literally sold at 7-11 in February, so he could’ve picked them up last minute on his way in. If he gets you a nice af bouquet from a real florist, you’ll know he planned ahead. And if you’re boo is a techie who wants to buy flowers online? Make sure he uses a reputable site. Roberto recommends B Brooks Fine Flowers.

And if all else fails, buy flowers for yourself! You deserve it.

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