Lady Gaga Made an Artsy Super Bowl Commercial With Tiffany’s

A sneak peak of Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl commercial is here and it perfectly addresses the complexity of who Lady Gaga is at her core.

The commercial is entirely unscripted, which befits the firecracker feminist Gaga who’s not afraid to wear meat dresses or vaguely Nazi-esque pantsuits in public.

It’s artsy, which satisfies the musical theatre weirdo Gaga will never give up on, no matter how many Muppets TV specials she does.

And the commercial is also for Tiffany & Co. — like little blue box Tiffany & Co., not Tiffany Trump and fam — which seems like exactly something a former pop provocateur turned Grigio Girl would do.

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In the ad, which is really more like a short film, Lady Gaga lounges on the floor, puts on an earring and talks with her hands like the classic New York Italian she is.

“I always want to talk about challenging the status quo,” Lady Gaga opines. “It’s who I am. It’s pretentious to talk about how creative you are — I don’t feel that way. I think it’s empowering and important and I’m coming for you.”

Incidentally, this was probably near verbatim to what Gaga said on her admissions application to Tisch.

The full commercial, which will be 60 seconds, promises to reveal Lady Gaga’s lifelong passion for Tiffany jewelry, her creative journey toward self-expression and empowerment, and give a hoorah for femininity.


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Plus, it’ll give you a really good idea for what to ask your boyfriend who voted for Trump for Valentine’s Day.

He owes you like a thousand right now — don’t be afraid to ask big.

The Tiffany HardWear collection will be available online on April 18 and in stores on April 28 with limited and exclusive pre-orders beginning February 5th — so forward this link to your boyfriend who hasn’t gotten lucky since inauguration day.

Photos curtesy of Hanna Besirevic

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