These Old Lady Beauty Myths Are 100% BS

Ever since men realized they could rule the world by joining together to tell women if they’re not beautiful they might as well give up and stick their head in an oven, beauty myths have run amok.

I’m sure you can rattle at least six off the top of your head that you’ve seen in movies, read in books, but been way too scared to actually test out on your precious skin and hair.

As it turns out, this was really smart of you because while some of the beauty myths that get passed down from generation to generation, like using Ponds cold cream, are legit, some of them are complete BS.

Since my beauty IQ is lower than a fifth grader’s, I asked LA-based colorist to the stars Matt Rez to spill the tea about which old lady beauty myths are complete BS.

“I just heard of one yesterday — I was dying laughing at the sink with one of our clients,” Matt explained to me. “She said she heard that you should use mayonnaise in your hair, which is complete BS because mayonnaise has egg whites, it has vinegar — two of the most drying things. So it’s the last thing I’d want to use in my hair. Mayo is a complete myth.”


I legit remember doing a scene in middle school about this exact beauty myth! I thought this beauty myth must for sure be legit because why else would women subject themselves to something so gross?

Matt also burst my bubble about olive oil. “I think that olive oil, from experience, it doesn’t really do anything for the hair. That’s also a myth.”

Get outta town!

And while we’re on the subject, Matt couldn’t resist telling me about another beauty myth he’s heard that has nothing to do with old ladies, but may be something that you and your friends are confused about.

The myth that purple shampoo “will keep red out of brown hair makes absolutely no sense whatever,” Matt explained. “Purple is made up of red and blue so if you’re trying to cancel red, why would use use a red-based shampoo? It’s great for super pale blondes because of the blue, but it does not work for brunettes.”

Well, if you don’t know, now you know.

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