North And Saint West Just Made Their Snapchat Debut

Earlier this week, Kim Kardashian joined the ranks of Snapchat’s ever-growing celebrity army, and it didn’t take long before North and Saint West made their debuts too.

Not that North is happy about it.

In a short video Kim shared, her daughter can be heard saying, “Snapchat. I’m scared of Snapchat.”

#NEW Kim and North in Kim’s snapchat (KimKardashian)

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With genuine concern in her voice, Kim asks, “You’re scared of Snapchat? Why?”

Unsurprisingly, it took Kim a second to figure out why anybody could possibly dislike an app that was designed to share every detail of your life with billions of strangers, but eventually she figured it out.

“Oh, the filters with the crazy faces.”

Guess like we can add Snapchat to the list of things North hates but Kim loves


Baby Saint also made his Snapcht debut in a picture that raised more than a fair share of questions.


Who is holding Saint up? Is it the nanny? Why do we never see pictures of the nanny? Where is North’s arm coming from? Seriously, how the f*ck did Kim take this pictures? Also, do you think Kim prefers her martinis made with gin or vodka, or does she not even like martinis and that’s just how emojis work?

While we may never know the answers to any of these questions, at least we do know this: just like the rest of us, sometimes North needs a reminder to eat her vegetables.


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