Miley Cyrus wore a brown wig and sang to strangers in the NYC subway

There’s no gimmick too gimmicky for Miley Cyrus. So yesterday when she paid her old friend Jimmy Fallon a visit, they decided that it would be so much fun to go to the subway, put on disguises, and trick New Yorkers into thinking they were just thirsty subway randos and not famous entertainers..

Only nobody was confused because just slapping a brown wig on one of the most famous celebrities alive doesn’t really disguise anything.

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Wearing a cheap-looking wig, a straw hat, some sunglasses, and a western-y shirt, Miley looked like the spitting image of Miley wearing cheap-looking wig.

And much to everybody’s delight, she made absolutely no attempt to make her singing voice sound less like her incredibly distinctive singing voice.

So when she started singing Jolene, everybody knew what was up and it didn’t take long before the crowd around her got huge.

Still, people screamed their heads off when Miley flung off her ratty wig and started playing “Party in the USA.”

Even though corny uncle Jimmy was the mastermind behind the whole thing, the video’s still pretty cute.

Watch it below:

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