Miley Made Liam Participate in the Cyrus Family Christmas Pic

Since getting back together this year, we’ve gotten to watch Miley and Liam have share a variety of first moments together.

The first time they held hands in public, the first time they painted each other’s butts, and now, they’re finally at the point in their relationship where they’re ready to start taking awkward family photos together.

Yesterday Miley’s mom posted a picture of the whole Cyrus family together for the holiday, and Liam stood at the edge with his arms crossed in front of his crotch while his eyes practically screamed, “get me out of this room full of weirdos.”

Cyrus fam Christmas in full swing 🎄

A photo posted by Brandi Cyrus (@brandicyrus) on

What a wonderful future you have in front of you, bb.

[H/T Perez Hilton]

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