Miley’s Summer Wedding Is Off Cuz She Got Cold Feet

Even though Liam Hemsworth has told magazines that he is NOT engaged, there’s been a steady stream of rumors about Miley and Liam’s upcoming summer nuptials/honeymoon in Bora Bora.

Or at least there were before Miley Cyrus allegedly got cold feet/decided that honeymooning in Bora Bora during August is such a cliche and they just had to cancel all of their plans and start from scratch.

“They had the entire trip planned, but Miley just decided she didn’t want to go there anymore,” an insider close to the couple told Us Weekly, adding, “they have yet to pick a new locale.”

While the source seems to think the couple will hold off until saying those two magic words until the fall, the source also hints at some trouble on the horizon for Miley and Liam.

“Miley is pretty adamant about having a small, private ceremony. But Liam wants a really big wedding.”


Oh well, no matter how this situation shakes out, at least Miley and Liam will always have butt painting.

[H/T Us Weekly]

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