Meet the Musician Adam Friedman From “The Bachelor”

Admittedly, I don’t watch The Bachelor. I’ve been invited to like, 37 “Bachelor Watch Parties” to which I usually lie and say I’ll bring a cheese platter to and then bail at the last minute to binge watch The Walking Dead. But this season is truly something else… The scandal has reached new levels, so much so that even my 67-year-old mother texts me almost every Tuesday morning, “Did you see what Corinne did last night?”

I’ve heard so many stories that I had to go catch up on the current season of the show to see if they were real life… starting from the weird shark girl in the first episode, to hoping the stalker girl got voted off simply for Nick’s safety. But last night’s episode had a better reason to watch, and it had nothing to do with Nick or any of the scandalous-slash-topless cast members…

During Nick’s date in Bamini with Raven, a musician named Adam Friedman performed the song, “What If?” with his band, and suddenly I, along with most of America, was like, “Nick who?” And instead of caring about what happened on the date, spent the rest of the episode googling Adam to try and see what he was all about… and like, if he had a girlfriend.

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Lucky for us, Adam’s new EP, “Green,” just came out last week. The EP sounds as if Ed Sheeran suddenly got cool and decided to make songs with Skrillex beats, and “What If?” is reminiscent of Justin Bieber’s “Where R U Now?” but minus the f*ckboy status of the Biebs — let’s just say it’s a jam.

Adam’s lyrics are pretty romantic and honest, as it seems songs like “What If?” and “Sad” are maybe love pleas coming straight from the heart. Adam says “What If?” was inspired by a “very passionate relationship” he was in and that relationship led him to two things, “I came up with the main idea for the song and I found a way to describe my beliefs. It was a powerful moment.”

We asked Adam his advice for Nick, and got some dating advice. We also quizzed him on which comic book and movie characters he would give a rose to if he were in Nick’s place. Check it out below, and then download “Green,” like now.  

What was it like performing on The Bachelor? Did you attempt to interfere with the date in any way?

Performing on The Bachelor was both exciting and interesting. Once we started rolling, it was a lot of fun! A bunch of locals came out and we basically gave a private concert for them while Nick made out with his date in front of the cameras. It was pretty hilarious. I did make eye contact with Nick’s date while I was singing. She was really pretty. But, I think Nick is what she was focused on.

If you were “The Bachelor”, do you think you would incorporate your music into your dates? If so, how would you do it?

I’d probably incorporate my music by writing cheesy love songs for each date all while trying to convince the girl I’m on the date with that she’s the only one getting her own love song. I don’t think that would go over well on Twitter. It would definitely make for some good drama.

If you were friends with Nick, what would your advice to him be?

You’re a hot dude. You’ve already won half the battle. Be a gentlemen to all the girls, make a decision on the girl you want and go for her! Trust your gut! That being said, I can’t imagine trying to find a girlfriend on a reality television show so, I truly wish you the best, Nick!

If you had to plan a Valentine’s Day date, what would be your idea of the perfect night?

Assuming that I had a girlfriend for Valentine’s Day, my ideal date would be to take her skydiving in the morning, sailing during the day, and top it off by cooking her my favorite salmon dish for dinner. It would be an entire day of greatness.  

What if you were in Nick’s position, and had girls fighting over you during your date, and competing for your attention?

I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t allow myself to be in Nick’s position. I can’t do drama. But, to answer your question, I’d probably find the girl I liked the most, be upfront with all the other girls and kindly inform them that Cupid has made his decision.  

This season of the show has been considered a little more scandalous than in past seasons — if you were on the show, would the girls who act a little crazier be the ones who captured your attention? Or would you try to stay away from scandal and drama?

I tend to gravitate towards two types of personalities: the bubbly personality or the quiet, introspective personality. There’s no middle ground for me. I like a girl who knows what she’s about, says it like it is and doesn’t care for the semantics. So to answer your question, I’d steer clear of the scandal and drama.

Tell us about the worst date you’ve ever been on?

My worst date was a Bumble date I went on a few years ago. I met this girl for coffee in Beverly Hills and she didn’t speak much. It was unnerving and odd. It ended soon after.

I’ve heard from other musicians that sometimes being a musician doesn’t work in your favor with getting girls, have you ever tried to use your music talent to get a girl, only to have it backfire?

I’ve never been one to try and sing a girl into liking me. In fact, I cringe at that idea. I think you run into trouble when you try too hard. Having said that, I think because I’m passionate about what I do and I’m pretty good at it makes me attractive to certain women. It’s never backfired on me. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been rejected and ignored by more women than I’d like to say but that’s just life. In the words of Isaac Newton, “And to every action there is always an equal and opposite or contrary, reaction” Simply put, dating can be great but you’ve got to take the brutality that comes along with it.

What are your thoughts on dating apps? Love them? Hate them?

I think dating apps are cool. I have no strong feelings about them. I know many people who have great relationships because of them and many people who have been on awkward dates, like myself, because of them. It all just depends.

What are your tips for if a girl wanted to message you on a dating app? Things we should or shouldn’t say to get your attention?

This is a tricky one. I suck at the opening line. I think the dating apps are harder to strike a conversation than in real life. I’m personally better in real life because I can play off my surroundings. So, my advice would be to find a friend who is good at that type of thing, and have them break the ice for you.

Ever had anything totally weird happen with a dating app? The weirdest message you’ve gotten or the weirdest thing a fan has done for you?

Hmmm. Not a dating app, but I did have some strange success on Snapchat. I made a cameo in my friend’s Snap Story, which resulted in a nice little fling for awhile. It was great. Thanks Ty! Thanks Snapchat!

How do you feel about girls asking guys out? Has this ever happened to you?

I think it’s great! We live in 2017. There’s no boundaries anymore. If you’re a girl and you have a thing for a guy, confront him. More power to you!

What is your criteria for getting a “rose” from you? What are the traits you look for in a girl?

My criteria is slowly fading away. I’d say first off, I need to be physically attracted to her which can mean many things. It used to mean she had to be under a certain height with a certain type of hair but that’s just kid talk now and I disregard such expectations. I’d give a rose to the girl with confidence in her weirdness, a sense of humor, good looks and decent style. Also, I’m really attracted to passionate people.

Who would you give a rose to — Black Widow from “The Avengers,” Cat Woman from “Batman,” or Storm from “X-Men”?

Cat Woman.

Who would you give a rose to — Cher, Madonna, Dolly Parton, or Mariah Carey?

Dolly Parton, without a doubt.

Who would you give a rose to — Ryan Gosling, James Franco, Jared Leto, or Drake?

Ryan Gosling, without a doubt.

Who would you give a rose to — Rihanna, Britney Spears, Beyoncé, or Ariana Grande?

Ariana Grande.

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