Marnie Inexplicably Rocked Suburbs Hair on “Girls”

Despite six years of living in New York City, Marnie Michaels is not a cool girl.

Marnie is a textbook example of that one basic friend you have who doesn’t realize she’s basic and has actively convinced herself she’s cool in a kind of put together, but also bohemian way.

Like, she’s really broke, but she’s in a band and she works out like every day at Physique 57, so she’s doing okay.

And yet it was still jarring to watch her inexplicably take it upon herself to do her hair like she still a teenager living in the suburbs on Sunday night’s episode.

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How on earth did this horrendous hair happen?

Well, Marnie’s mom got Marnie and her ex-husband Desi a gig at this supposedly happening club in New Jersey for all her mom friends, and Desi was like, “this is bullshit” and Marnie was like, “I knowwwwww, but it’s my Mom, ass wipe, it’s happening”

So Marnie did what Marnie does best.

She showed up to the gig looking like she tried way too hard to look like she was a cool, edgy girl from New York City who was above playing at a shitty venue in New Jersey.


And it kind of worked, until she took her hair down.


And then it was so bad, not even Marn could put on a good face.


Oh, girl.

You really screwed the pooch this time.

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