If Mariah Carey’s Reality Show Is Anything Like Her Cribs Episode We’re Sold

ICYMI, Mariah Carey is finally getting her own reality show. Needless to say, we’re very excited, especially if the show ends up being anything like Mariah’s iconic 2002 Cribs episode.

That Cribs episode was pre-internet, before things went viral, and it still managed to be one of the most-watched and talked about episodes in that show’s history because it was just that insane. And now, hopefully, Mariah will be recreating it week after week in her new series.

Here are some of the kinds of moments we hope Mariah’s show will be full of:

Mariah working out in high heels:


Goals, right?

Mariah taking bubble baths on camera:

Can’t you just imagine the truth and bath bombs simultaneously detonating?

Also, Mariah’s bathroom isn’t like your average bathroom. In addition to having a sink, bathtub, and a shower (which Mariah had only used once at the time because you know, there were too many knobs and it was confusing), Mariah’s bathroom also has a lounge area so her friends have someplace to hang out while Mariah gets her soak on. Or so her servants are always nearby to go grab her a snack. Whichever.

Mariah changing her clothes on screen, mid-walk:


Because let’s be real, there’s not always time to go into the other room to make a costume change.

Mariah’s fiancé getting denied access to the lingerie closet:


It’s in Mariah’s private wing of the house, and our bet is that it’s for her eyes only…well, and all of America’s, but still, no boys allowed.

Mariah storing her animals in places they don’t belong:


12 years ago, Mariah surprised us all by opening her drier and pulling out her dog. We can’t wait to see where she’s keeping her pets now.

The casual animal fights that ensue from said pets being stored in places they don’t belong:

Okay, so this fight was probably a more classic case of cat vs. dog but TBH, mostly we just want to see Mariah freak out at stuff.

Bring it on, Mariah.


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