Mariah Carey Got Interviewed in the Candlelit Bubble Bath She Deserves

Just when you think Mariah Carey’s comeback can’t get any better, Mariah steps into a candle-lit bubble bath wearing her diamonds and a full-length evening gown, and proceeds to give a very shade-filled interview. 

Basically, it’s the most Mariah Carey thing to have happened since her infamous MTV Cribs episode.

We don’t say this often, but thank you Jimmy Kimmel. 

After an awkward segue which involved asking Mariah if she ever takes baths with her clothes on, Kimmel revealed the luxurious candle-lit bubble bath that he had set up for her, and invited her to spend the rest of her interview in a location she might find more comfortable.

Because as we all know, the only thing Mariah loves more than recessed lighting is bathtubs.


Once they were in the tub, Kimmel embarrassed himself by asking Mariah if her Australian billionaire fiancé was going to be upset once she found out she took a bath with him on TV.

“Mariah, you are engaged, as I know, to an Australian billionaire, will he be upset —”

Not even able to resist the urge to laugh, Mariah responded, “No, he won’t be upset. I’m sorry.”

“He won’t be upset when he sees you in a tub with another billionaire?”

Without skipping a beat, Mariah asked Kimmel a very pointed question.

“Am I kicking you in obscene places?”

Laughing at himself, Kimmel replied, “Just feel free. Enjoy.” 

Watch the whole thing below to revel in the full glory of Mariah Carey’s return to true diva form. 

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