Lion Babe lets us know it’s okay to just put your phone down and create

Lion Babe, aka Jillian Hervey and Lucas Goodman, are the R&B, futuristic soul duo that music lovers crave – Jillian’s vocals are buttery and sophisticated, extremely reminiscent of the singer’s she says she’s inspired by (think Erykah Badu, Marvin Gaye, and Tina Turner). 

Mix Jillian’s classic vocals and electric stage presence with Lucas’ funky and out-of-this-world production and you get the iconic duo, and our newest cover girl, Lion Babe.

We sat down with Lion Babe to talk about ditching the digital world, the best music to have sex to, maintaining mental health, and being a creative duo.

Check it out below.

How do you guys communicate while performing live?

We don’t really talk that much when we are on stage, only if something really goes off technically, but normally we just use eye contact.

You’re music + dancing combo is very sensual/soulful. How does sexuality play a role in your creative process?

Sexuality is definitely in our world. NYC is a sexy place to live and create. Plus, during this is the time in our lives, it’s the time to really feel sexual and empowered – although I plan to do that for life. But, it always depends on the mood, it comes naturally though, we like to make people feel stimulated and sexy with our music.

What are 3 keys to having good sex?

Confidence, trust, and music.

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How has both of your love lives changed since cell phones took over our lives?

It is hard to think about the days before cell phones, but cell phones make you lose a little bit of the distance and space that used to be fun. You wouldn’t know for sure if the person was thinking about you, or where they were and you had to really commit to calling them and hearing their voice.

Now, you can talk to your man at all times, and even when you aren’t speaking you might know what they are up to because of social media, so it has definitely lost some of the mystery. That’s why still when I receive affection in person, like a hand written letter or flowers or whatever, it makes a much bigger impact. I’m an old soul.

Do you think you’d be more or less happy without phones?

It is hard to really know. There are things I enjoy about my phone, but I do think the amount of information you can consume within minutes can be overwhelming and distracting.

The key is to make sure you are using it for what you really need it for. I try to stay aware of how much time I am spending on my phone. It’s all about balance.

 Do you make an effort to distance yourself from the digital world?

Definitely good to have some distance. It’s not real and life experience in the flesh is much more rewarding.

Almost our entire social world is made up of texting and dms – what are some red flags that give away fuckboys/girls?

I try to avoid all of that and just respond to positivity. And, if you get a dick pic, just throw your phone.

What’s the most unusual thing you do to maintain your mental health?

I’m sure it’s not that unusual, but I would say just being with my dog. When I feel overwhelmed I just devote the whole day to her, bathe her, take her to get toys and treats and go for long walks. It’s the best remedy.

What’s something that pulled you out of a dark place recently?

Space. It is so easy to put other people before me but when I actually took the time to find a space that I could call my own things change. Just having the time to be with yourself makes you more ambitious to achieve the things that you really want to do.

What’s the best part about being a creative duo? 

Collaboration in general is super gratifying. We are lucky to be so connected and on the same page with a lot of our ideas, so it’s just having that constant relationship with someone who knows you, pushes you to do better, but also lets you feel safe being you. Also, you are never alone in those awkward industry meetings.

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What are some creative disagreements you’ve had in the past and how did you handle them?

We are pretty much synced up, but if there is anything I usually have something called “demoitis” meaning I get attached to raw and rough record, weird structure and such and Lucas being a producer wants to beef up the record or clean it up. But we always let each other try what we are feeling first to make a fair decision on what sounds the best.

How do you respond to cat calls?

It depends on the day and the delivery. Most days I don’t say anything, but sometimes if they are super gross I yell or just give them side eye for days and then other days I might even smile and say thank you.

You’re style seems very iconic 70s – what draws you to that look? Who are some of the women you look up to from that period and why?

It all stems back to my mom. She grew up in the 70s so I think hearing who she liked musically influenced me. There is a nice mixture of playfulness, rock and roll, funk and soul during that time, it’s just always been a cool decade to try to reimagine.

I love Chaka KhanStevie NicksDebbie HarryDonna Summer, and Kate Bush to name a few. They are all inventive females that have their own unique way of sounding, dressings, performing, etc.

What do you think female artists during the 70s did better than artists today regarding things like self expression, sexuality, activism, and songwriting?

A lot of musical genres were still forming at that time, so I feel like the women were pushing themselves to be their own sound and flavor because there was room for it. When I go back and watch old interviews of some of the ladies I mentioned, they all have sense of calm, like they all kind of fell into what they were doing and just went with it.

Nowadays, our relationships with the artist can seem so calculated that it’s hard to know where the root of the ideas they generate are coming from. Social media plays a huge role into that as well, because it isn’t just about the music anymore.

Photos by Joey Falsetta
Photos and hair by Kirsten Bode
Makeup by Cheyenne Timperio using Estée Lauder makeup
Styling by Rodney Hall

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