If you’ve ever felt like you had to stick to one career path in life, St. Louis based rapper BlakeIANA has a story that you need to check out. After being a lash tech for 7 years, she decided to give her love for music a chance and went viral from her first smash hit. Now, she’s preparing to release a new project this summer and she’s just getting started. Scroll down to learn more about STL’s finest and newest IT Girl!  

Let’s talk about your first hit single “Bing Bong”. Take us back to when you first recorded this song and talk about how it changed your life.   

I recorded “Bing Bong”, on December 2nd, 2022, the day before my birthday. This was around the time I knew I wanted to start making music, I was bringing in my birthday and was in the mood to make a song. I was going bar to bar talking about things that may or may not have happened in my life. “Bing Bong” changed my life because about 2 weeks after it dropped labels were on the line, heavy.  

How did the collaboration with Sexyy Redd come about for the “Bing Bong Remix”?   

Sexyy Redd had mentioned to me that she had loved my song, and it was one of the songs that she loved to get ready to. I thought to myself, why not have another girl from my city who is doing big things, making a huge impact on St Louis on “Bing Bong”. Plus, Sexyy Redd is an artist that I listen to myself, so I felt that it was the best decision.  

Photograph By: abzshotz

What were you doing before you started taking music seriously?   

Before I was doing music, I was a lash tech for seven years. I was doing lashes during high school and right before things took off with music, I was on the way to aesthetician school.  

How has your STL roots influenced your music career and fashion style?   

I love my city so much and I’m mostly influenced by the environment that I grew up in. Fashion-wise, my mom is my biggest influence! She always was so confident in what she put on, whether it was a super matchy fit or mismatch.  

My environment and experiences in life, growing up in St Louis, has heavily influenced by music. We have our own lingo, and my life experiences are what I talk about in my music.  

Photograph By: abzshotz

Talk to us about how your music makes women feel “presidential”.   

When people listen to my music, I want them to feel confident, untouchable and know they don’t need a man to live a lavish life style and care less about anyone’s opinion because we too busy, live presidentially round here. 

You’re the first recording artist signed to producer Murda Beatz under his new label in partnership with 300. How did this come about and what have you learned so far about the music industry since being signed?   

The signing of Murda Beatz came about because Murda was one of the first people to discover me. He reached out to 300 and it took off from there. So far, I have learned that having a great team is so important because that allows me to be the best artist I can be.  

Photograph By: hannarozae

What was the creative process behind your new song “STL Finest”?   

The creative process for “STL Finest” was me going in to my shit talking bag. I’m so St. Louis, that it doesn’t make any sense! I’m proud to be from STL. I’m always going to put on for my city. I’ma try to always insert some type of STL culture in what I do.

“STL Finest” describes those people that are doing their big one, in whatever lane they are in. Like me landing the chopper in front of the Gateway Arch when there’s too much traffic out. This shit is for the having. Only the Finest ones popping it, them other parties gone run and talk about it lol.


What is the first Blakeiana song new supporters should listen to first?   

New supporters should all go stream “Bing Bong” and then right after that “STL finest”. 

Photograph By: hannarozae

Will you be releasing a full project this year? What can we expect from your first project?   

I will be releasing a project this summer! My next project will involve a lot of the presidential lifestyle because we don’t live average around here. We live a very presidential life and that’s what it’s going to give when you hear the new new. 

I got a chance to listen to your upcoming song “Pricey” and it’s perfect for summer and features a sample that is legendary in hip-hop culture. Tell us more about your new song and if we can expect a visual to accompany it. 

“Pricey” is literally what it means. I’m a pricey girl and anyone that wants to be involved with me has to come correct of not come at all. A visual will be coming out soon when I drop the song, so be on the lookout.  

Unlike many artists today, you currently do your own glam & styling. What are your favorite beauty products that you’re currently using and what are your must-have fashion pieces?   

My favorite beauty product right now is NYX micro brow eyebrow pencil. I love a more natural look with my brows filled, mascara and lip gloss to give that fresh-faced 10/10 look.  

I love a baggy jean or a miniskirt.  Most of the time I want to be a tomboy and the other times I want to be a girly-girl. I love wrapping a scarf around my head and feeling like the richest bitch alive.  

Photograph By: hannarozae

What’s your current skincare routine?   

My skincare routine is all Elle Aura beauty products. It is my cousin’s skincare brand that I have been using since 2021. Drinking water and using those products has always had my skin looking flawless.  

When you’re not working on music what does the perfect pamper day look like for you?   

When I’m not working sometimes, I like to go to Target and catch a vibe. If I’m at home I like to drive around and listen to music, run errands, and go to lunch.  

What are you most looking forward to this year?  

This year I’m looking forward to dropping more music and tapping into being the best version of my artistic self. I would also like to create more good vibes for people to relate to.  

Photograph By: abzshotz


Feature Editor: Taylor Winter Wilson (@taylorwinter)

Photographers: Shawn Hanna & Travie Rozae (@hannarozae)

Photographer: AB’z Shotz (@abzshotz)

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