Is It So Much To Ask That Someone Pay Lindsay Lohan $100K To Turn 30?

Last Saturday, Lindsay Lohan did something that would have seemed improbable five or 10 years ago: she turned 30.

And what’s even crazier, she made it through the whole night without taking a single photo that looked like this.


And in return for her good behavior, there was only one thing Lindsay wanted this year.

For somebody to pay her $100K, just to say, “Congrats, Lilo. Even after your fifth round of rehab didn’t straighten you out, we knew you could do it.”

But guess what?

It didn’t happen.

Lindsay’s team allegedly tried everything they could think of get to get a big brand to sponsor her birthday this year, a.k.a. pay her to turn 30 in exchange for exposure, but according to Page Six, nobody was interested.

To put things into perspective for you, in 2006, Life & Style Weekly donated $100k to the Lindsay’s 20th Birthday Party Fund in exchange for exclusive pics.

And Lindsay Lohan was a hot mess in 2006, thanks in no small part to Paris Hilton.

Ten years later Lindsay’s back to her natural hair color, has a handsome 22-year-old billionaire boyfriend to ground her, and most importantly, she’s staying away from Paris Hilton, who was an even worse friend to Lilo than she was to Kim Kardashian.

And what does she get for pulling herself out of the coke gutter and back into the real world?


Sure, she’s not as famous, but ask yourself this: doesn’t Lindsay Lohan deserve to get paid at least $100K to turn 30, after all she’s been through?

Keep dancing, Lindsay. You’ll get ’em next year.

[H/T Page Six

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