8 things we learned about Kylie on the premiere of her new show

Kylie Jenner’s new reality show “Life of Kylie” premiered last night and even if you’re a bona fide Kylie scholar and think you already know everything, the show will teach you something new.

We shouldn’t be surprised. Before “Life of Kylie” began, it had already taught us why Kylie unfollowed all of her high school friends on social media.

Here’s a preview of all the intel you’re missing by not watching.

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1. She thinks the airport is scary, but all planes are pretty

The big plot point of tonight’s episode was that Kylie was going to go to prom with some random boy who had no idea she was coming. But right as she was getting ready to leave, she got a message saying there was a problem with the private plane she was going to take.

While there was a regular plane Kylie could have taken that would get her there in time, Kylie didn’t want to take it.

“I’m not bougie like that,” Kylie explained. “All planes are pretty. It’s just like there’s a lot of people at the airport.”

And after we see a slideshow of people mob Kylie at various airports, Kylie says flat-out, “I just don’t like the airport. It scares me.”

2. Her “only passion” is makeup

“My passion has always been makeup. All I would do on YouTube when YouTube came out was look at makeup tutorials and figure out how to do my eyeshadow,” Kylie revealed to the cameras.

“It’s really my only passion,” she continued. “I’ve always known that but I don’t feel like I’ve realized the extent of that until I launched my own makeup line.”

Now obviously Kylie cares about more in life than literally just makeup, but for now, it’s the only thing she feels passionate about dedicating her life to. Which is good, cuz it’s making her a ton of $$.

3. After careful consideration, she thinks she does need makeup

After Kylie explained how much she’s always loved makeup, she wanted to drive the point home that she doesn’t think she needs makeup.

“I don’t feel like I need makeup. A lot of the time I’m not wearing makeup,” she said.

But then she changed her mind and decided to get real and admit, “No I need makeup. I think I need makeup.”

Literally the whole “I don’t really wear makeup” thing is something every girl has said to herself at some point or another. Because that’s what you’re supposed to say. But in reality, who are we kidding? We all use it because we think it makes us look better when we have to leave the house.

Kudos to Kylie for being honest.

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4. She keeps up her IG to sell you makeup

We’ve all heard Kylie say she doesn’t really want to be famous by now, but did you know the reason why she posts so much on Instagram and Snapchat is because of Kylie Cosmetics?

Talking about how she’s getting the “bug again” and just wants to “run away” from the paparazzi and the endless cycle of content creation, Kylie admits, “the only reason I keep it up a little bit is Kylie Cosmetics.”

In the first couple minutes of the show, Kylie said she uses social media to stay relevant, and apparently the reason why she needs to stay relevant is she needs to make sure people still want to buy her products.

Kris taught her well.

5. She’s super pumped about going to therapy

After coming to the conclusion that actually she did need makeup Kylie remarked, “This is like a therapy session. I like it though.”

Then she immediately got very excited and announced, “I should go to therapy. Write it down! Cuz I would love to go to my first therapy session. I’m going to therapy!”

And in part two of the episode, she did go to therapy. And spoiler alert, she did enjoy it.

6. She’ll delete an Instagram right away if it’s getting too many negative comments

“Posting a selfie is really hard because there’s a lot of pressure to be perfect,” Kylie said, before admitting that she reads the comments right away and if there are too many negative comments, “I’ll delete that shit and reevaluate my decision.”

Honestly, relatable.

7. She’s not fully herself on Insta so if people are mean to her, it hurts less

During her therapy session, Kylie gets real about something she’s gotten real about countless number of times before: how her social media persona isn’t the real her.

“I used to post all these funny videos all the time. Just me being super weird and funny and myself,” Kylie told her therapist. But once she started getting bigger, she decided, “I’m not gonna show people that side of myself.”

Instead, she decided to start “putting up a version of myself to the world that isn’t fully me” because “it doesn’t really hurt me [when people say mean things] cuz I know that’s not really me.”

8. She feels bad about never taking her Lambo out


Kylie Jenner has a lot of cars, but some of them get more love than others.

“We never take the Lambo,” Kylie says while the camera pans over her bright orange Lambo. “I feel so bad for it.”

“Why is she always taking the other cars?” Kylie imagines her Lambo must be thinking every day. “I try and force myself to take it, but I never drive it.”

“Is it a girl or a guy?” her BFF Jordyn Woods asks.

“It’s totally a guy,” Kylie responds.

“I think he gets it,” Jordyn decides.


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