The Guys of Laguna Beach Look Hella Old Now

A lot has changed since 2004, when MTV introduced us to a cast of teenagers who lived in the real Orange County.

At the time, reality shows still seemed fresh and new, and chances are if you were between the ages of 12 and 22, you loved Laguna Beach and all of its totally authentic high school drama and fights.

Plus the boys were all really cute.

Fast-forward 12 years, and a lot has changed. Laguna Beach isn’t on the air anymore, reality shows are everywhere, and the boys that stole your hearts are in their thirties and looking kind of rough.

Over the weekend, Steven and Dieter met up in NYC to celebrate Trey’s 30th birthday, and while it’s cute that their bromance has survived the test of time, nobody’s as cute as they were when they were 17. 

Here’s Dieter then.


Here’s Dieter now.

Congrats to @laurenconrad for an amazing show last night. Very impressive as per always.

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How cute is it that he’s still close with LC though? Awwwww.

Here’s Trey then.


Here’s Trey now.

Human gem. Happy Birthday, Trey.

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Here’s Stephen then.


Here’s Stephen now.

Okay, on second thought Stephen is still totally a babe, and relatively not bad when it comes to being wasteful with water.

Team Stephen 4ever


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