Kylie’s Selling Christmas Ornaments That Are Also Lip Kits

In what came as a surprise to nobody, yesterday Kylie Jenner announced that she was coming out with a shit ton of holiday exclusives.

There were new mini collections, new kyshadows, her first ever set of brushes, and a giant box of makeup that’ll cost you who knows how many hundreds of dollars.

But what really caught our eye were the Christmas ornaments.

And it’s not because we’re just that hype for Christmas to get here, it’s because they’re not just ornaments — they’re also fully functional lip kits and glosses.

It’s a pretty genius idea, actually.

Keep the box to put on your tree to extend Kylie’s marketing into your home and keep the lip kit for yourself.

It doesn’t get much more environmentally friendly than this, folks!

Also, the colors are all really cute and surprisingly different from the myriad of other colors Kylie’s currently hawking.

There’s Dancer, which is def Kylie’s version of a Pat McGrath knockoff.

And there’s two new glosses.


And Naughty:

And don’t forget about the two full lip kits, Vixen and Merry:

Just when we were beginning to think we’d never be tempted by another Kylie Cosmetics product again, you had to go and do this Ky.

Think about how perfect a gift these would make for all the Kardashian stans in your life, or even better, that one friend of yours who thinks she’s so cool for thinking our royal family is what’s wrong with America today.

The look on her face when she unwraps her ornament will be priceless, so make sure you have your camera ready.

All of Kylie’s winter edition cosmetics are going on sale this Monday at 1 PM PST, which is 4 PM for all of us on the east coast.

Happy shopping, y’all.

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