Kylie Just Put All Other Girlfriends to Shame by Giving Tyga $480k

Kylie Jenner is setting the girlfriend bar HIGH these days.

While you used to be considered a good girlfriend so long as you shaved your legs every day, didn’t mind splitting the check, and made a point of sucking your boyfriend’s dick at least once a week, now you also have to be willing to loan your boyfriend $480,000 to get him out of debt.

The state of Tyga’s finances have been so bad recently that for a hot second a judge actually issued a warrant for Tyga’s arrest after the famous fuckboy decided not to show up to a court hearing about the $480,000 he owed his landlord for living in his spacious Malibu home.

Only instead of getting arrested, Tyga went on vacation and magically smoothed things out with his landlord.



Kylie gave Tyga $480,000 of her OWN money on HER birthday week just to keep her boyfriend out of jail.

“Kylie was being nice by fronting Tyga to help him with one of his financial problems,” a source for Hollywood Life says, “but in doing so, it may have backfired. Now, people are coming after Tyga left and right trying to collect money he allegedly owes.

Like this celebrity jeweler who claims Tyga owes him $200,000 for a luxury watch and necklace.

“He hasn’t asked her for one cent and she loves that independence, but she’s secretly going to help Tyga get out of this mess if he really does owe more money. The last thing she wants is for her man to suffer when she has so much money at her disposal.”

Which is a fair, but still incredibly generous thing to say.

Although who knows, maybe she’s just hoping he’ll make it up to her by buying her yet another ludicrously expensive car that he obviously can’t afford, and she maybe has to lease herself.

Ah, to be young and in love.

[H/T Hollywood Life]

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