Kylie Jenner Can Do Anything, Except Finish A One Day Juice Cleanse

Kylie Jenner wins at pretty much everything she decides to do, but even she can’t make it through a 24-hour juice cleanse. 

Finally, something we can all relate to.

That is, unless you’re one of those crazy health girls who can drink five 12-ounce juices a day and feel rejuvenated and satisfied in which case, fuck you, we’re so jealous, can you give us some DNA for a transplant? Kthxbi love you bb

Now, back to Kylie.

Yesterday Kylie attempted to do a one day juice cleanse, and because she’s Kylie, she documented the whole thing on Snap Chat.

Like most juice cleanses, Kylie’s started off well. 


But then again, when you start things off with an almond, dates, sea salt and vanilla bean juice that allegedly tastes just like ice cream, how could anything possibly go wrong? 


But by the third juice, Kylie’s fatigue was starting to show and she had to remind herself that what she was drinking was actually yummy instead of soul-crushingly healthy.



And then at the bottom of the bottle she got real with herself and owned up to the fact that she just couldn’t anymore.


She needed some sushi.  

We don’t blame you, Kylie.

Try the cleanse for yourself or better yet, learn from Kylie’s example and don’t.  

And just remember, if Kylie can make it til 4 p.m. on a one-day juice cleanse, you can do anything.

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