Kylie Is Making Lacy Bra Underboob a Thing

Kylie Jenner doesn’t always go out to the club, but when she does, she flashes a whole lotta under bra and rolls her eyes at the world.

On Thursday night, Kylie shared a photo from one of those nights her scrub of a bae made her go out to the club to watch people drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes, while all she could do was stand there and look thotty.

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Let’s just say Kylie didn’t look into it and proceeded to give the eye roll heard round the world — and in the process, exposed half her white lacy Victoria’s Secret-looking padded bra to the camera.

“Walk up in this b**** lie…! That Eye Roll tho,” she captioned the pic.

walk up in this bitch like ..! That Eye Roll tho 👀

A photo posted by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Side note: Did we not tell you camo pants were going to be big in 2017?

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Counter side note: Does this mean under bra is going to be the new under boob?

Kylie moves the world in mysterious sartorial ways.

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