This Christina Aguilera Video Is a 2000s Fashion Inspo Goldmine

Christina Aguilera doesn’t get the fashion credit she deserves.

This is probably because when you think of a Christina video, your mind probably goes straight to “Lady Marmalade” and “Dirrty.”

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Unless you’re Kylie Jenner, it’s hard to pull of wearing assless chaps in public without looking like you’re coming home from a long day at your local S&M dungeon.

They’re all great looks, but hard for civilians to pull off.

But before Christina went full thot chic, she embraced a more wearable form of 2000s thotsembles.

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Take the music video for forgotten Christina classic “Come On Over (All I Want Is You)” for example.

Every outfit is sexy, but casual, full of crop tops, hip-hugging pleather pants, elaborate body art and plenty of color — perfect for a casual date night or a heavily photographed girls night in.

I mean, look at these outfits!

LEWK 1: Baby Blue Teenage Dream

Christina opens up the video wearing a baby blue bandana paired with a matching Puerto Rico crop top and baggy blue camo pants.


Camo pants are just starting to enjoy their day in the sun, so get yours now before all the basic girls decide they’re bored wearing chokers and want to move on.

LEWK 2: White Party Realness

While on the one hand, this outfit has a very Limited Too level of bedazzlement, the devil is in the details.


Note the elaborate belly button body art:


And the sexy lace-up pants paired with a killer mani and some tasteful hand jewelry:


Granted, you should probably stay away from eating or drinking while you’re wearing this kind of outfit, but still.

Mark our words, matching bras and hip-hugging pants are going to be HUGE this year. HUGE.

LEWK 3: Good Girl Gone Bad

Everything about this ensemble is very good girl gone bad.


The messy pigtails, the lace-up pants, the glitzy midriff body art, and the busty smocked top.

Next time you invite a guy over to “watch a movie,” this is the vibe you should go for.

LEWK 4: I Am Jumpsuit, Hear Me Meow

There’s nothing quite like a lemon yellow jumpsuit with a zipper that goes down from your chest to right above your vagina.


And you gotta LOVE her nameplate necklace.

He’ll never be able to forget your name that way!


LEWK 5: Younger Than Springtime, Hornier Than a Toad

Nothing says come on over and fuck me quite like a pair of hip-hugging green pleather pants, amirite?


Now that’s how you get him to come on over.

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