Kylie Eats the Same Bizarre Breakfast Combo Every Day

Good news rice manufactures of the word, your sales are about to go through the roof!

Kylie Jenner has the curious habit of being able to sell everything and anything to her millions of fans — lip gloss, bras with the word thick! on them, gummy bears that make your hair shiny — and now, it’s rice’s turn.

Because Kylie just told a magazine that’s what she eats every morning for breakfast.


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“I always make breakfast,” Kylie told the fine people over at Violet Grey, an online beauty retailer that also apparently specializes in high-profile cover stories. “I make eggs and rice and sausage. T [Tyga] actually put me on that because his mom always made him eggs and rice.”

Granted, rice isn’t that much different than having a piece of toast first thing in the AM — carbs are carbs — but it’s still bizarre.

But it’s even more bizarre that this is new information.

If Kylie really eats rice every morning, you would have thought we’d have seen it on the Snapchat by now.

But, apparently not.

Because we didn’t know. Or at least I didn’t. Maybe I missed that Snapchat story. It’s possible. I’m not a robot.

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Do you think this is why Kylie has so many wigs?

To keep all her secrets in for a rainy day magazine interview?

Just a thought.

[H/T Violet Grey]

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