I Tried SugarBearHair Vitamins and They Actually Worked

I have always been the skeptical kind when I come across another celebrity endorsed product. But one day, I ran out of options for my hair loss and ended up ordering SugarBearHair Vitamins.

It all started when I noticed my hair was coming out. School, friends, boys, New York, and keeping up to date with all my beloved reality shows can be stressful. And stress can lead to hair loss.

When I started to notice more and more hair falling out I decided to go and see a doctor. After he plucked out a few more strands he told me that I had Telogen Effluvium, a fancy name for stress-related hair loss. On top of it, he was sweet enough to tell me there was nothing I could do as it until my life de-stresses… which made me even more stressed.

There can be lots of different reasons for hair loss, but in my case, my actual hair follicles hadn’t been damaged. This meant that the problem wasn’t physical so there wasn’t a real solution like antibiotics.

So I figured if it works for Kylie Jenner, let’s pray it works for me. I went straight on the SugarBear website and bought a one month supply.

Within two weeks my friends were saying to me, “Your hair’s become a lot longer!” By weeks three, four and five I was getting compliments left, right and centre about the volume, thickness and length. These little blue bears have totally changed my hair, taking it from frail and falling out to Serena Van Der Woodsen-esque.

They contain loads of vitamins, biotin and a bit of coconut oil. Biotin is a vitamin for healthy growth of nails and hair. Vitamin B-6 helps hair loss by bringing more oxygen to your scalp. By the way, you won’t become the next Harambe, it only affected the hair on my head.

It’s definitely an investment into yourself… which is what you can tell your bf when you ask him to buy it as your Christmas gift.

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