Kylie’s “Chill Girl” Outfit Is a Hooters T-Shirt and Parachute Pants

Like it or not, whenever you first start dating somebody, you might catch your style changing subtly.

Maybe you dress extra cute all the time, maybe you start wearing blue more because he mentioned offhand that’s his favorite color, or maybe you start wearing outfits to seem like you’re not as high maintenance as you really are.

You know, because you’re not just a regular girl, you’re a chill girl who can totally hang with him and his friends.

And this is exactly what our dear friend Kylie seems to be doing with her new *insert relationship descriptor here,* Travis Scott.

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For some unknown reason which either has to be love, lust or publicity-based, Kylie willingly went to Florida to hang out with Travis Scott during some festival he was performing at called the Rolling Loud Festival.

TBH, this sounds like a genuine nightmare unless you’re a college kid looking to score some molly from a sketchy older dude with a pet alligator that might kill you.

But Kylie went and somehow the paparazzi ended up getting a shot of her and Travis walking around the festival grounds holding hands, which seems to be their go-to form of PDA.

Maybe it was because she was in Florida where the normal rules of fashion don’t apply, or maybe it was because she wanted to seem extra chill, but Kylie was spotted wearing an oversized Hooters shirt and a pair of orange parachute pants.

Yes, Kylie often wears clothes in public she could comfortably fall asleep in, but if she really is dating Travis Scott, then they’ve only been dating for a few weeks.

Usually that means you’re still in the “really giving a shit about what you wear and how you look “phase of the relationship, which means if she wore baggy boy clothes to hang out with him, she did it for a reason.

Nobody is that comfortable with somebody they just started dating.

No shade though Kylie, it happens to the best of us.

[H/T E! News]

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