Kourtney Wore a Tiny Bikini In Front Of Scott Like It Was NBD

There’s an awkward thing that happens when you have kids with somebody then break up.

You still have to have them around.

But unlike most exes, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick do things like go on vacation together with the kids in Mexico, a location that’s so hot it requires both of them to walk around in bathing suits.

While this sounds awkward, clearly Kourtney doesn’t give a fuck, which is why she decided to wear a tiny bikini that stops just short of covering her entire breast.

Was she doing it to lure Scott back to her?

We’re not mind readers, but probably not.

Word on the street is that’s what Scott’s after, but if you’ve watched any of the early seasons of KUWTK, then you know Scott Disick is a tool and a half.

She just wore it because she wanted to, and that’s wassup.

Never let being around an ex make you cover up your tatas if you dont wanna.

[H/T People]

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