Kim K’s Met Gala Diet Is Literally the Flu

Most celebrities love to claim their fitness secrets are “everything in moderation” and “drinking lots of water.”

Kim Kardashian West, though, is not most celebrities. Kim Kardashian West DGAF, despite her new artfully filtered aesthetic. In fact, she gives so little of a fuck that she tweeted this morning that she’s stoked to have the flu right now because it’ll help her lose weight.

Haven’t we all said similar things in jest? It’s nice to hear a celebrity actually admitting that it’s easy to get a little psychotic when it comes to the pressure to look good at special events.

The Met Gala, you’ll recall, takes place on the ~*first Monday in May*~, a fact our pop writer Maria Pasquini solemnly reminded me of this morning. So it’s basically crash diet crunch time. I guarantee there are at least a dozen celebs who are either wishing they had the flu like Kim, or mimicking its symptoms through colonics and juice cleanses.

It’s not healthy, but it’s true, dammit.

Of course, Twitter is having a field day with the knowledge that Kim’s taking advantage of her flu for reasons of couture.

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Some sad sacks are even finding the energy to get butthurt over it.

Like, cram it, Nick. Clearly you’ve never had your every move photographed from every possible angle in skintight Givenchy. Also, it’s clearly a joke.

Anyway, godspeed, Kimberly. But what ever happened to Atkins?!

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