9 Celebrity Beauty Hacks That Won’t Cost You a Dime

Sometimes, there comes a time in every girl’s life when she wakes up one day, takes a look at her bank account, and thinks to herself, “Fuck, I’m broke.”

And yet, much to her dismay, she can’t just sit around in her apartment all week until Friday rolls around and she gets paid.

She has to be a real person in the world doing real person things like going to work, going on dates, going out with all of her gorgeous friends, and going into the hallway with the good lighting to take selfies.

Herein lies the dilemma.

How does a girl manage to look her best for all the unavoidable events life throws her way when she has to budget her last remaining dollars on necessities like vodka, tequila and gin?

Answer: she surrenders to the wisdom of the resourceful celebrities around her.

While celebrities may have more money in their checking account at any given time than you’ll have in yours for your entire life, rich people can be surprisingly frugal sometimes, so they’ve all picked up on one or two beauty hacks that cost absolutely nothing.

Obviously, none of these celebrity beauty hacks are capable of working miracles, but the next time you’re broke or too lazy to go to the drug store to buy some more product, they might just save your look.

1. Use a credit card to curl your eyelashes

While answering a question about tricks she’d learned from her now-deceased makeup artist Jake Bailey, Katy Perry told Byrdie that Jake “does this thing where he takes a credit card and puts it behind my lashes when applying mascara to my lashes-it lifts them up.”

If you don’t have a credit card, and let’s be real, you probably do, than any old ID, driver’s license or Walgreens reward card will do.

2. Or, just use a spoon

If you don’t happen to have a credit card, debit card or ID lying around, you can also always just use a spoon.

“You can curl your eyelashes with a spoon if you don’t have an eyelash curler,” Miranda Kerr once told BellaSugarTV.

Everybody has spoons.

3. Give yourself an ice facial

While the idea of dunking your face into a bowl of ice first thing in the morning sounds more terrifying than going home with a guy, only to realize that him and his roommates are gross boys who never learned how to clean up after themselves, it’s a supermodel-approved.

“It instantly tightens everything making you feel and look awake,” Kate Moss explained to Stylist a few years ago.

Granted, this is a little intense, but the next time you’re running low on cash and can’t afford your morning coffee run, maybe give it a try and see what happens.

4. Don’t touch your face

We all consciously know that our hands are covered in oil, dirt and bacteria, and yet somehow that doesn’t stop most of us from touching our faces multiple times a day. Whether it’s checking to see if that pimple you found in the morning is still there or it’s a stress-related tic, it’s something we all do – except Kendall Jenner.

Kendall told Popsugar, “I remember when I was younger, I think Kim told me and my little sister, ‘Never touch your face too much. Don’t pick at it.’ Ever since then – I think I was 10 – it has stuck with me.”

Say what you want about Kendall, but her skin is immaculate. None of us can turn back time to when we were 10, but the very least we can for our skin is to do it a solid and give it some space from now on.

5. Get some sleep

Sleeping may just be one the easiest celebrity beauty hacks of them all, and yet, for most of us, getting a full night’s sleep just isn’t in the cards. While it’s tempting to roll our eyes whenever a celebrity lists sleep as one of their secrets, maybe they’re on to something. “Sleep is my weapon,” the ageless Jennifer Lopez told Health. “I try to get eight hours a night.”

Can you even think back on when the last time you got eight hours of sleep a night? If you can, congratulations, you have a leg up on the rest of us. If not, maybe you should just give it a whirl. Unlike most other things that happen after 3 AM, sleeping is one activity you won’t regret doing when you wake up.

6. Smile more

If sleeping was one of the easiest celebrity beauty hacks, than this is one of the most WTF celebrity beauty hacks. Our fair queen Beyoncé has been quoted as saying, “a woman is most beautiful when she smiles. Other than that, the most valuable tip I’ve learned is always use a skin moisturizer!”

Beyoncé, we love you, but that advice is unreal.

7. Using ketchup to repair dyed hair

Ketchup doesn’t exactly have a reputation for being a lading brand in haircare, but Sienna Miller swears by it. Sienna told Marie Claire, “I once used henna to dye my hair brown for an audition, thinking I was being clever as it’s all natural. Little did I know it was the worst thing I could have done as it coats the follicles so that nothing else can penetrate so I ended up having to put ketchup in it for about a year to get rid of the green tinge.”

Even if you don’t have a bottle of ketchup in your fridge at home, all you have to do is make a quick pit stop at literally any fast food restaurant on your way home to grab a packet.

8. Drink some water

As much as we’re all tired of celebrities swearing that the reason they have flawless skin is because they drink a lot of water, let’s be honest, water is one of the few celebrity beauty hacks that can make miracles happen almost immediately.

“When I feel like my skin has had it,” Rihanna told Elle, recounting a specific day when she’d had too many glasses of to go wine the night before, “I cut all the alcohol completely and overdo the water.”

Drinking water may be a cliché beauty fix, but everybody swears by it for a reason: it actually works – and it works quickly.


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