Kim Kardashian Has Decided We Can’t Let Ombré Die Yet

We really thought this spring, it was time. Time for all of us to sprout a pair of single-processed wings and fly far, far away from the tired-ass ombré trend.

But sadly, Kim Kardashian has decided that ombré isn’t done yet. Ombré will live on for yet another season. And it’s all because Kim had to re-ombré her hair yesterday and Snapchat the results.

Kim’s choice to bleach her ends will have vast and unquantifiable repercussions in the suburbs of America.

Now that Kim has decided to dip her toe back in the ombré bleach pond, we can just hear the sorority girls’ heads poking out from their burrows now, squealing as they make their way to the hair salon to reinforce their commitment to faded-looking hair for the spring and summer.

“I just wanted something a little more summery!” they’ll chirp. “Not a full balayage, just the bottom half! But like, natural!”

Ombré is this generation’s skunky Kelly Clarkson highlight, and it has ruled the hair world for far too long. Like, come on guys, pick one hair color from root to tip! Shit or get off the pot, you know? Let’s try something new.


This is truly more controversial than Kim’s nude selfie.

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