Please: No More Ombré in LA

As a born-and-raised New Yorker, I had a tough time with my recent move to Los Angeles. The pace of life is slower, there’s no good Chinese food, everybody has like, three friends (including their local barista, since that’s one of the very few people you see daily) and worst of all: everyone in Los Angeles still has ombre hair.

Just why?

Nobody in New York has ombre hair anymore. Nobody anywhere has ombre hair. Not even in Canada. In Spring of 2015, HuffPost Style Canada reported the ombre look was dead. “It looks a little dated now,” says Darrell Redleaf, Canada’s star celebrity stylist. His advice? “Instead, go for highlights that frame the face.”

Strolling down Sunset Boulevard in Silverlake, at spin class on Melrose Place, brunching at Cafe Gratitude in Venice—no matter where you go, the ombre look is ubiquitous, and usually accompanies a floral maxi dress, Ray Ban aviators, and entirely too-clean leather jackets.

I thought long and hard, and decided that the trend must stay around due to the climate of Los Angeles. There are no seasons in Los Angeles; every day is warm, beautiful, and sunny.

And because of that, there’s no reason or motivation to change styles as often as there would be for any other normal region of the world. When it’s always summer, and you can always go to the beach, you always want sun-kissed hair.

Living in New York, the lifespan of our sartorial preferences is punctuated by rain, snow, horrid sleet, March winds, and pumpkin-spice latte weather. Camel coats become your new obsession, and you’ve got to change your hair to match. There are August days so humid you might chop all your hair off in a panic. The seasons change, your style changes, your hair changes. It’s only natural.

Another thought: does consistent beach weather make for a basic bitch? It’s hard to help it; the beach means flip-flips. The beach means denim shorts and college sweatshirts. Best case scenario, the beach means “beach-wraps”, like the linen or silk ones sold at Calypso Saint Barthes, seemingly fit only for rich MILFs to wear while vacationing in St. Barths.

But the reason why ombre is so ubiquitous might just be practical.

“It’s because everyone is poor in LA,” my friend, a Los Angeles native explained. “Nobody has the money to get their roots retouched all the time.”

It’s true, ombre is a cost-effective style. but so is single process. One color or bust. And single process can’t go out of style because it’s literally just what hair is—one color.

One color, one issue more pressing in California than the drought. Say it with me, Angelenos: no more ombre, ever.

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