Kim K confirms she went blonde “for that D”

If you were wondering why Kim Kardashian West recently went blonde, wonder no more! It was “for that D.”

Kim K posted a pic of herself looking resplendent in a sports bra, sweats and booties earlier today, rocking the greyish-platinum hair that’s currently attached to her head. The caption of the photo: “I’d go blonde for that D…” with a crying-laughing emoji.

I’d go blonde for that D…😂

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Now, as far as whether or not we should mimic Kim and switch up our hair color for “that D” or any “D,” we’ve always been divided on that topic in the Galore offices.

If your bae thinks you’d look gorg with a certain hair color and you’d be game to try it anyway, why not go for it? That way, you can similarly steer him in a different direction when he comes home with some sort of horrible fuckboy haircut that his “cool” barber pushed on him.

However, if your dude is constantly spouting off about your appearance and trying to control the way you look, that is quite a different matter. He’s a douche, and you should bounce.

Unless he’s Kanye West, in which case: enjoy your full makeover and Vogue cover, babe!

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