Kim Kardashian’s Instagram followers are giving her social media advice

In case you haven’t heard, Kim Kardashian’s is in the midst of an Instagram crisis right now.

She thinks her feed isn’t consistent enough and she’s asked her millions of fans WTF she should do about it.

Surprisingly enough, a lot of them responded with incredibly helpful, heartfelt advice for the seventh most followed person on Instagram.

So Kim, if you’re reading this, first of all, hi. Second of all, don’t worry about wading through your comment section because here are the best pieces of advice you’d find.

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_siiy_2005: I think that u don’t need any filter u are already beautiful but if u went to use filter I think black and white will make u picture pop💖👍

williampinkerton1: One filter 100% i suggest slumberit is AMAZING.

plannthat: KIM I AM HERE TO SAVE THE DAY! Use my app to curate and filter (and schedule!) your feed all at once.

rhiananderson: I feel like sometimes you gotta take a break from the filters. Lately I feel like they come across rude and aggressive and it’s not really your kinda vibe? Hope this helps.

diannemarin: That’s a tough one. I liked the consistency of the one filter, but at the same time not every pic will be best flattered with that same filter depending on colors, etc. Maybe that’s something to take into consideration? Hope this helped.

swixyy: Kim, random is in. Post whatever you want or what you like. You’re welcome.

thehaleybarnes: Neutral filters look really good, Kim.

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raynangillespie: Pick a color theme for every picture! like white and pink for example. It’ll make your feed flow together.

garivaldyubiera: Go for high quality images with the most natural colors, which are always much more captivating. Filters can make your feed look boring.

rosa_olivia143: Please post pics of you most often, and not the type of pics paparazzi take of you…but your selfies. Like mirror selfies and all that good stuff. Sincerely, your fan.

avitamaria: Balancing selfies with filter and landscapes works well. Also try to make sure the photo you place matches with the third photo on your fed and the first one. This worked for me in the past. Just I don’t use my own advice, because usually I’m a hot mess.

casharroyo: Nothing. Just post 3x a week, it keeps everyone engaged and you on everyone’s timeline more.

tudiolarry: Define what your brand is at this moment (it’s changed over the years or at least the focus). This will then define what to use, not to use. Light, color, text. The more genuine to your brand and the stronger the delivery, the stronger your insta will be. Nothing is superfluous. Everything needs a meaning and has purpose.

coconutcris: No filter is what all the cool kids are doing, Kim.

squeenz, aka me: Kim u are legit so funny & people don’t even know! Step up your caption game! Also I do a lot of celeb insta analysis and I swear well-lit photos of you where people either say to themselves “that’s a goal” or “wow, what a candid moment” get the most likes/stand out the most when you’re scrolling through a feed.

thegodbodymelo: Or you can just have me in them cause I glow 🙂

Hope that helps, Kimmy.

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