A Kid Literally Just Died From Getting a Hickey

Who really gives hickeys anymore?

Hickeys are reserved for 13-year-olds who just started hooking up and want the world to know that they made out with a hottie last night at the movies. Also for drunk dudes who think it’s a good idea to suck on your tit for a full hour during a hook-up.

But if you need another reason to convince your fuck buddy to stop giving you hickeys, other than the fact that you’re really sick of wearing scarves to work, there’s the fact that a 17-year-old kid just died from getting a hickey.

What a poor child, 17 years old, just trying to get laid, and instead probs dies a virgin with a half-chub.

But, how did he die from a hickey? It wasn’t from over-excitement in his teenage hormonal life. It was actually from a blood clot formed by the hickey which allegedly led to a stroke, according to The Cut.

The 17-year-old from Mexico City, Julio Macias Gonzales, reportedly had “convulsions during dinner with his family and died before emergency medical services arrived.”

The doctors that examined Gonzales believe that the suction of the hickey led to a blood clot that traveled to his brain and caused a stroke.

Gonzales isn’t the first to have medical complications from some semi-innocent sucking, as a New Zealand woman also had a stroke due to a hickey. Lucky for her, she survived and will live another day to remove hickeys from her sexual repertoire.

I know I’m making light of matters here, but we should all pour one out for Julio Macias Gonzales. Imagine if you died while exploring your sexuality as a teen? That’s really fucking sad.

Do Gonzales’ memory justice by never, ever giving or receiving a hickey again. If you really wanna suck on something, do your lover a favor and use your oral skills somewhere below the belt. Or get a lollipop.

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