Khloé Kardashian Sources Swear She’s Not Trying to Wife Odell Beckham

Last week Khloé Kardashian filed for divorce, which means that she’s single and ready to start dating random atheletes now.

First up, Odell Beckham Jr.


A photo posted by Odell Beckham Jr (@iam_objxiii) on

Ladies, meet Odell. A  5’11’’ football player for the New York Giants who’s broken A LOT of NFL records and does cool things like hang out with Drake, get mentioned in rap songs like Kanye West’s “Facts,” and go to the Met Ball  

Obviously, since Odell is besties with Drizzy he was at Drake’s insane Memorial Day party, which is where he met Khloé Kardashian, or at least had the pleasure of getting to know her ass as she backed it up onto his lap.


While the rumor mill was quick to start churning, on Tuesday evening, Khloé was quick to shut things down, writing that, “it’s really not that deep,” and later posting multiple faces of Kanye West looking not impressed with the caption, “Mood.”

At the same time, a source who may or may not have been Kris Jenner confirmed to E! News that while Odell and Khloé were def flirting over the weekend, Khlo wasn’t looking to take Odell from boy toy to bf real quick. 

“Khloé is interested in Odell. She thinks he is very sexy and is her type. She wouldn’t mind going out with him,” the source said, before adding, “she is not looking or anything serious. She is all about dating this summer.”

For his part, Odell who also does questionable things like hang out with Scott Disick at the club, is down for whatever because in his own eloquent words, “Khloé is fine.”

Yeah girl, definitely not the one to wife up for. 

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