Kylie and Kendall Secretly Have the Same Hair Right Now

Kendall and Kylie Jenner have a lot in common, including their hair color and texture as it turns out.

During the Bumble party Kendall and Kylie hosted at Coachella this weekend that nobody knew how to dress for, K squared took time out of their busy sponcon schedule to let the world know that no matter how disparate they look, Kylie and Kendall are secretly twinning underneath it all.

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When answering a question about how long it took her to put together her outfit for the day, Kylie konfessed, “I think it takes a minute for me.”

“For me, I need to try and find a hair color that I haven’t done before. There’s not much left,” she continued, “but I’m committed to finding new options.”

And then, Kylie adds, “they’re wigs,” as if she’s either genuinely convinced the interviewer maybe didn’t know that or just didn’t know what else to say about her highlighter hair colors.

Morning 🍋

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Then she really drops a hair bomb on us.

“You know, my hair is actually to my shoulders,” Kylie reveals.

“We have the same hair length,” Kendall offers, jumping in. “Nobody knows, but our hair is basically twinning.”

Nobody knows,” Kendall confirms.

Well, at least until now nobody did. 

Because now everybody knows.

Celebrity news is funny like that.

[H/T Elle]

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